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My 3 boys

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I finally was able to get them all together. Meet Toby, Cheeto and Charlie.
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Awwww what handsome little guys they are
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Lovely boys! And they look like they are very comfortable there on their bed, too.
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Awwwwww how cute
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"Go on boys make yourself at home"

"Don't worry mum we already did"

Awwww! That's the sweetest pic.
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Wow, look at this nice bed mom got for us. Nice looking boys you got there.
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Who's who? I love your Tuxedo kitty is that Charlie?
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Originally posted by hissy
Who's who? I love your Tuxedo kitty is that Charlie?
Charlie is the gray/white one sprawled out on the bed. Cheeto is the orange/white tabby curled up towards the back and Toby is the multi tabby in the front (the big guy) looking towards the camera.
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Nice pic, they look so cozy together.
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awww how cute, do they ever leave enough room for you lol
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Awwwww: they all are just gorgeous!
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