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Joe, so sorry about Jaws. I lost my 18y/o nephew-cat KC to FeLV and can imagine them all lounging around the way cats do swaping their adventures and stories.

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Sorry for you loss

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Thank you both so much for your kindness. I'm sorry to hear of KC's passing, but I too believe Jaws and KC have met and are friends!

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I don't know how I missed this thread!

please pass on my condolences to your family
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Thank you very much for your sympathy. I'll let Jaws' human family know of your condolences.

Here's a photograph of Jaws which I made a few days before she passed away. You can see, in comparison to her earlier photograph from three years ago, how she'd deteriorated — which happened in a relatively short period of time. (She's on a glass table-top, by the way.) In spite of her failing health, she still came to me wanting rubs; and she'd purr all the while! Now, at least, she's free from suffering.

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poor, sweet baby. I'm glad she's not suffering any longer or in any pain.
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Dear Joe,

I'm sorry about Jaws. Hey, for 19 years old, she still looked great. I'm at a loss for words. Please accept my condolences.

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Dearest Joe :angel2:

I was just at your website and saw that pic. I was wondering who that pretty kitty was; although you did mention her name on the site. I am so sorry Joe. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Love &,
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Thank you both, very much, for your condolences! Yes, little Jaws was a character and her human family misses her tremendously. But she's in heaven now, awaiting her friends who remain here and meeting those who've gone before.

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Oh my gosh!!!!!!!! That last picture you posted of Jaws nearly broke my heart in two!!!!!!!!!!!!
But I am glad she is in heaven now, and no more suffering, and she was a very lucky cat to have lived for 20 years, and the people who loved her were even more lucky to have her so long!!! I am still crying!!!!!!!!
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Please don't be sad about Jaws, as she's in heaven with her friends who've gone before. I debated with myself about the wisdom of posting that photograph, but I finally went ahead and did so in order that those who subscribed to this thread could see her last portrait. You've a wonderful and tender heart; and I'm sorry my decision caused you such sadness. Jaws is happy now; and she wouldn't want us to be sad any longer on her account. Thank you so much for caring!

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Mr.Cat, I'm new to this site, but I saw this thread and wanted to say I'm sorry you sister in laws cat died.
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