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Jaws is Gone!

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Please say a prayer for Jaws, a cat who lived a long life and whom I visited whilst on vacation in Michigan. She had declined in health from the last time I'd seen her, three years ago. Just last month, she was named First Runner-Up in the Pet of the Month contest at Yahoo!Clubs Animal Psychology.

Today I received a message from my sister-in-law, which read in part: "Dear Joe; Well, today was Jaws' last day. The past two or three days she began to go downhill fast — she couldn't even get up on the couch, her favorite spot. She was not eating, fell down a lot, et cetera. She was 20, according to the vets' record. I took her in this morning to be put to sleep. She is buried in a nice spot, up on the little hill where Punkin and Padre are — along with Rocky the guinea pig and innumerable hamsters, goldfish and two little fiddler crabs that we got on a trip to Cape Cod a long time ago. Oddly enough, they were named Cape and Cod! So there is a little grouping of pets there. Anyway it has not been a fun day so far. Oh, well; life must go on. I don't know if we will get another pet or not. We'll see."

Jaws Haran
May she rest in peace!

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My deepest,deepest sympathy.
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Please accept my condolances and I'm going to light a candle for Jaws' safe crossing to the Bridge. Again, I'm so sorry for your loss.

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Thank you for your condolences. Jaws was a mighty hunter as well as a fierce guardian of my brother's family, making lengthy patrols and keeping the immediate area free of trespassing cats! She loved, from the earliest age, administering affectionate nose-bites to her human friends; hence, the moniker "Jaws."

I made the photograph above when visiting Jaws' home in 1998. When there recently, I made another photograph; but I don't think I'll post that one since she was so frail lately.

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Thank you for your kind expression of sympathy. I know Jaws will appreciate the light from your candle, as she makes her way to the Rainbow Bridge. What a story-teller she'll be once there!

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My deepest sympathy to you Joe, and to Jaws' keepers.

Sounds as though Jaws lived a very long, full life...and so true that she'll have many wonderful stories to tell at the Bridge!

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Hugs to you and to Jaws' family.
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Thank you so much for caring! It means a lot to me; and I shall pass along all these messages to Jaws' immediate human family. She was a foundling and is surely in heaven now.

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Dear Joe,
My deepest sympathies to you, and the keepers of Jaws. It broke my heart to hear of this and the people in mourning are in my prayers. Jaws can run and play now.. and she will be looking down on you all with a beautiful smile on her face. I found a beautiful poem online and would like to dedicate it to her and those who loved her.

God looked around His garden
And found an empty place.
He then looked down upon the earth,
And saw your tired face.
He put His arms around you
And lifted you to rest.
God's garden must be beautiful
He always takes the best.
He knew that you were suffering
He knew you were in pain
He knew that you would never
Get well on earth again.
He saw the road was getting rough,
And the hills were hard to climb.
So He closed your weary eyelids,
And whispered "Peace be thine."
It broke our hearts to lose you
But you didn't go alone
For part of us went with you
The day God called you home.

-Divine Word Missionaries

God Bless Jaws and those who held her dearly.
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Thank you very much for your kind words and for that beautiful poem! I'm honored that you've dedicated it to Jaws and her loved ones. I believe it's true, that Jaws will meet us again someday. In the meantime she'll be meeting my former feline-companions Guido, Camille, Rita, Sesheta and Ricky — along with Darin, my ferret friend; and perhaps (if he's already gone before) my former feline-neighbor Mr. Cat.

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Such sad news to read that Jaws is gone. She was a beautiful cat. 20 years is a long life. I am sure she will always be in your heart.

I edited my mistake of calling Jaws, he. I am very sorry for the error.
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Dear Joe; Please know that I did not see the news about Jaws 'til just now. I extend my deepest sympathies to you and your sister-in-law and all of Jaw's family. It is always a difficult decision we have to make when we learn that we must "lead" a beloved friend to the Bridge. . . . .
What a wonderfully full life she had. Indeed, what interesting stories she is now sharing with "New Friends" and what "full" memories she leaves for those who loved her. I offer up my prayers for her passing, as well as prayers of healing to your sister and her family. Perhaps Jaws will run into my special pal, Christopher, who went to the Bridge a few years ago at age 23. What a lovely poem Cassie offered. It expresses how we all feel when a furry friend goes "Home".

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I am so sorry to hear that! Jaws sounds like a wonderful cat and it must bea real loss for her family.
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Thank you all so very much for your lovely expressions of sympathy. I'm glad I got to meet with Jaws when I was recently at her home in Michigan. In spite of her failing health, she still loved to administer head bonks and purred loudly when given chin rubs! Jaws was a trooper, even in her last days: She asked to go outside the day before she passed away; and she completed a lengthy patrol of the area, perhaps wanting to see it for the last time.

She was much loved by my brother's family. I know they shall miss her and will appreciate learning of everyone's kind words of sympathy.

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Not to worry! We know who you meant and I'm sure Jaws does as well. And now, you've made it "official."

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Just want to extend my sympathy to you and Jaw's family. 20 years is such fantastic age and she was a beautifull cat. She will certainly be missed for a long time. It is wonderfull that she such a loving home her whole life long.
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I'm sorry to hear about the passing of Jaws. A long full life doesn't make it any easier when your talking about a loved one.
My Miss Kitty Kat was hit and killed while you were in MI, so she
was waiting on Jaws I'm sure to Welcome her.
I'm soo glad you were able to see her just a short time ago, seeing her condition somehow should make it easier to let her go.
Again, I'm sorry.

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Thank you for your wonderful expressions of sympathy! Although I only visited Jaws twice in the past three years, she made an impact on my life. Her close friends of 20 years are surely all the more devastated by her death. But she was ready to go, I'm sure, though she must have been sad to part from her loved ones!

Jeannie, please accept my condolence on the passing away of your beloved Miss Kitty Kat. (I've been remiss in reviewing all the events posted to The Cat Site in my absence.) I'm so sorry to learn of your loss! Yes, indeed: I'm quite sure Jaws and Miss Kitty Kat have become friends and are sharing anecdotes about their lives amongst us.

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Mr. Cat!
I'm so sorry to hear of your familys loss!
20 years old! wow! She was a georgous cat. I'm glad you let us see her!
She is a true !
my condolances for your family!!!!!!!
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Thank you, Barb, for your kindness! I'm glad you like Jaws' photograph. Although her napping habits were average for a cat back when I made that image three years ago, Jaws spent nearly all her time napping when I saw her recently. She so loved reclining on the living-room couch, so she could rest yet be near her human friends at the same time.

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Joe - I am so very sorry for your family's loss. Jaws sounds like she was a wonderful friend and family member. I hope and pray that her family will heal from their loss as time passes. After all, time is the gretest healer of all. I loved the vision of her taking one more patrol around the house and grounds before her time came. I feel that she will still patrol for her family - just doing so from the Bridge.:angel4:
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Thank you very much for your expression of sympathy. Your beautiful scenario, in which Jaws continues to patrol her loved ones' grounds, is quite touching. I believe you are right! After all, the essence of our departed feline friends does not vanish from the cosmos. I know my brother's family will appreciate your condolences.

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I never meant to imply that a long full life would make it easier to get over the loss of a loved one.Of course that is not so. I only meant it is wonderfull that she did have the love of a wonderfull family while she was alive. Part of the reason I am sure that she lived as long and as happily as she did. No one lives forever but when it is your time it makes it easier knowing you had a rich full life full of love.

Jeannie I am very sorry for the loss of your Miss Kitty Kat.
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I read with sadness the news of Jaws' passing. The picture you posted makes her look so peaceful. Except for the lack of some white fur on the paws and belly, she looks a lot like my Squirt.

It's funny I should read this thread as I return home from 2 days away. I always end up driving a little fast the last couple of miles because I get suddenly scared that something has happened to my cats while I have been away. They are both fine, but the news about Jaws coupled with the picture made me feel sad.

A couple of orange cats here have been given a little extra loving in her honor.
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Deb, thank you for giving your feline buddies a bit of extra loving: I'm sure Jaws will be happy to know her departure from among us produced expressions of love as well as sorrow. She was ready to go, after all. Of course none of us, feline or human, want to leave our dear friends of so many years — even if only temporarily, as happens when we humans travel. I thought of my little buddies while cruising home at 37,000 feet; and I knew I'd seen Jaws for the last time.

Elinor, no explanation (to me) is necessary! Your expression of sympathy was without fault and was deeply appreciated. Thank you so much for caring!

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Joe.....I just now read about Jaws, and I wanted to let you know how very sorry I am.....what a beautiful cat! I wanted you to know I was sorry and am thinking of you!
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Thank you so much for caring! I'd like to take this opportunity to share with you (and everyone) the message I recently received from my sister-in-law:

"Dear Joe,

"Thank you for forwarding the messages of condolences. There is a spark of the divine in all things, I believe; and though Jaws may have lost the spark of life, she has been reunited with the great source of all love. I really appreciate all the thoughtful messages, especially the crossing over the Bridge. Not an easy thing to lose a loved pet, but kind messages do help the heavy heart.


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I just got back from Michigan today and read about Jaws. I'm so sorry she passed. That picture is beautiful. When they sleep on their backs and expose themselves like that, it is a sign that they are very trusting and vulnerable. My condolences.

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My thoughts are with you and your family. Jaws sounds like she was a really cool cat. I will ask Peppy, my 18 year old who died 2 years ago, to make sure Jaws is welcomed to the fold. I think heaven has a special place for kitties (and other companions) who live to such ripe ages...I think they will be the very first in line to greet us humans when we pass over.
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Thank you both very much for your kind expressions of sympathy. Yes, Donna, Jaws indeed looks so peaceful in that photograph from three years ago! Thanks for the insight about her sleeping position. It makes complete sense, as she was the boss on the surface but was filled with love and trust in her heart.

LotsOCats, I'm quite sure Peppy has found Jaws by now; or vice versa; and they're no doubt exchanging anecdotes about life amongst the humans. And what tales they'll tell!

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