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New to site and eager to share my kitties!!!

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Hello fellow cat lovers! Believe it or not, this is my first computer, so if there are any weird things (half done messages, etc.) please forgive me. I am looking forward to letting each of you meet my feline family.

Though I do not have pictures of everyone yet, I will let you "meet" them so you will know them when you see them.

Sir Beauregard (Bo Bo)is our 3 1/2 year old Himalayan. He is the only cat (that was all it took for the "cat bug" to bite me) that we purposefully sought and bought. He was a gift from my husband when I was going to have to have surgery and would be off work and alone for several months during the day. He is absolutley rotten and opened the door for all the others.

Dixie was a damsel in distress. This beautiful tabby and white bundle of love was living on mice at a vacant farm. This may sound good to some, but Cat Chow, Friskies and a temperature controlled bed seems to suit her better.

Bob had a home before me. His previous mom ran him over and chose not to continue caring for him. She elected euthanasia. I was an employee at the vet's office (which you will find is how I got all of my children except Bo Bo), so I asked if I could have him. Well with one leg gone, I now have a very spoiled light gray tabby cat that thinks he is human...he will actually argue with us, especially if you are telling him no to something that he really wants.

Buckshot, Ruger and Scout came about on the same day. Buckshot(Bucky) and Ruger (Rugie) are sisters. They were found in the insulation of a mobile home along with their mother and 2 other siblings. Mom had been caught in a trap or something and was basically dying from all the infection. This was not allowing the kittens to be properly nourished (though mommy tried to her last breath), so all were taken. Only my two sweethearts survived. Both are solid white females (Rugie has one blue eye and one green eye, Bucky's are green). They went from 7 oz. and 11 oz. to 12lbs. and 15lbs.

Scout is my loving and loyal Seal point Siamese. One of the clients at the vet's office I worked at brought one in. Safe to say I had to have one. She gave me her neice's number to contact about the next litter. I told her I would like a male, so please let me know when the next litter was due. About a year later, a lady shows up with 2 male Siamese kittens (I had long given up hope of getting one at this point is why I went to get the 2 white kittens), she says here are 2 males, which one do you want. I then got my brown baby.

Angel is also a white Domestic Shorthair with 2 different colored eyes. She was brought in as an injured stray. It was thought that she was caught in a car engine and was fighting for life. She had a huge gash on her head, all the meat had been torn from her tail, she was covered with maggots, fleas, earmites, you name it. The doctor did not give a very good prognosis. We treated her for infection after cleaning her up trying to get her healthy enough to amputate the tail. It is very hard to care for such a small "Angel" and not fall in love (the doctor had advised us not to get attached because her chances were slim...yeah right). When a darling critter is in this bad a shape and still wants to play with strings and be loved, you tell me how not to do these things...this is why this very healthy, very happy and very loved little girl now lives with me.

Bushhog (Bushy) was about 2 weeks old when he was ran over by a bushhog not once but twice. Don't cri
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OH my goodness you are a in flesh , taking all the sweet little cuties in need in .Bless you for doing that .
I also want to welcome you here on this wonderful site of fun and info and very important catloving site .
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Welcome to the site!! Wow, sounds like YOU are the angel for giving these beautiful kitties not only a chance at life, but giving them a very good and loved life.
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Welcome to TCS!
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Thank you for sharing your kitty stories with us. I'm so glad each one of them found such a great mom to love them!
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Welcome to TCS! You truly are an
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Welcome to TCS! Sounds like a very lovely -- and very LUCKY -- bunch of fur people in your family. We'll be looking forward to hearing more about them, and seeing pics -- did anyone mention we like pics? lotsa pics
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Hi and welcome to TCS to all of you family.

You're an to all of your kitties.

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Whoa, those are some stories, thank you for sharing, and providing a home for these poor cats. Looking forward to hearing more, and seeing some pics!
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Oh I just love their names!!

I'm glad you saved most of them,
They sound like they found a great home with you.

Hello and Welcome to TCS
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