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Interesting theory on purring

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As I was looking for things to use with my 6th graders, I found this article on the National Geographic kids website.The Power of Purring

Cats and the Power of Purring

Text by Sarah Ives
National Geographic News
October 29, 2003
Does your cat purr when you scratch its chin? People often assume that cats purr because they are happy or relaxed. Some scientists, however, believe that there may be another reason why cats make that soothing sound.

Have you noticed that a purr sounds like a motor? One theory says that this steady noise may actually help with healing. The frequency of the sound made by purring can improve the thickness of bones and the strength of muscles.

Scientists believe that this discovery could help people. When astronauts are in space, the lack of gravity makes all physical activity easier. Without gravity pulling everything downward, everything is lighter, even the astronauts' own bodies.

Because the astronauts don't have to work their muscles very hard in space, they begin to lose muscle and bone strength. Could the sound of cats purring stop this loss from happening?

Cats in outer space? This idea may not be quite as far-out as it sounds.
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This is definitely interesting. I bet some of our kitty experts will chime in here w/ their thoughts on it.

Thanks for posting it!
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Definately interesting. I don't think Snowball would be a good kitty-naut though; she doesn't much like being lifted off her feet, let alone floating through air!
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