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<----- New Newbie!!1

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Hello! I don't have a cat yet, but today I am going to make plans with my local shelter to get one. We Hope she is still there. She is a two year old, medium haired cat. I fell in love with her about 3 days ago. I came home and my boyfriend and I had a long talk about cat care and we researched on the internet about taking care of cats. (how I found this site) This is the first time I have ever had a cat. I have no other pets. I also have no children, unless you count my boyfriend. He can be really babyish... especially when he gets sick... but anyway thats it about me and my future cat.
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Good luck with your new cat, and thank you for adopting an older one. Chances are good she will still be there. If you have any questions, this community is a good one to ask! Welcome to TCS!
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Hi Krysanth, Welcome

I am new here also and find everyone very friendly and helpful. Lots of good info as well!

I hope you get the girl you want. I also commend you on, not only choosing an adult kitty, but taking the time to do research before making your final decision. You're going to make wonderful parents.

Cats are great pets....you're in for a lot of fun.
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Welcome to the site! I, too, hope that you will be able to bring home the little girl who has already stolen your heart. She will bring you more joy than you can possibly imagine. Feel free to ask any questions you may have!
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Welcome! This is the place to find practical info! Share pictures once you bring your new baby home. Just make sure you give your old baby (your boyfriend) attention too so he doesn't get jealous!
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Welcome to TCS!
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Welcome to this site , enjoy your stay .
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Welcome Krysanth! Can't wait to hear about your new cat!
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Welcome to TCS!
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Welcome to TCS. Hope you'll enjoy your stay here.

And thanks for choosing an adult shelter cat.
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Welcome! its great that you want to adopt an older cat. you will be giving her a good home and she will give you lots of head bumps and purrs!
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Welcome - hope you get your kitty soon
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Hi again! It has been awhile but I did get my kitty! I named her Tabitha and she is so great! The question came up to get her declawed and I started looking things up here about it and I was horrified and I vowed I wouldn't. What I did was got an old chair and sat it in the middle of the room away from my new furniture and she gladly took to that. She never touched any of the new stuff. When I get some pictures I will have to show everyone!
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I am so glad you decided to not get her declawed! Maybe you might just want to get a carpeted or sisal covered cat tree, because she may feel that since she can scratch one chair then she can go to all? Sometimes they don't know the difference. Just like giving a puppy an old shoe, and then gt mad when they take your new ones, lol. Cat trees can be expensive though, so a scratching post may do well until you save up for a tree? Our cats love the cat trees, we are saving up for a very nice one soon! Oh and welcome to the site, most of us are very experienced cat owners and are more then willing to answer any questions! (I have a cat laying on my arm as I type!lol)
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Thank you for not declawing your new kitty. If she could, she would thank you as well!
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Welcome to the site, and i know your new furbaby will give back lots of love and affection when you get her.

And a headbutt from my Rosie for going against declawing!
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