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Originally posted by HopeHacker
We also have to look at the possibility that this present boys parents are looking for an easy road to becoming wealthy. It is entirely possible that this is all a lie, just like Michael said. Trust me, I think M J J is about is odd of a ball as anyone out there, but just the fact that he had the stamina to turn himself in, and is eager to fight these allegations tells me that it is possible that he is entirely innocent.
I'm not a huge follower of Jackson at all, although I do think he is an extremely talented individual. After reading the links posted above (the criminal affadavit and then the civil claim), the doubt that I cannot shake off is why the parents of the boy in the 1993 case did not go forward with the criminal case, if what he said happened did indeed occur. Would any parent here have responded that way? (Look at John Walsh, who dedicated his life to finding missing children and/or their abusers/killers, after his own child was killed, even though it wasn't going to bring his son back.)I don't believe that it was intended to shield the boy, since had the civil case gone to trial, he would have had to have testified. If they had prosecuted Jackson however and lost the criminal case, a civil suit would have been damaged by that fact.The OJ trial was still a few years in the future, where the accused was found not guilty in the criminal trial, but held responsible in the civil lawsuit. And that was a very different type of case, where various forensic evidence was ignored by the jury because of their anger over the so-called racist police department, in an act of jury nullification which had little to do with the law or the evidence.(I also suspect that if it was his first wife whom he killed, whose was african-american, and not his bleached blonde white second wife, that the jury would have convicted him in a heartbeat.)
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read this

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Originally posted by krazy kat2
I think he is thoroughly disgusting, and I was thrilled to see him handcuffed like any other criminal. I hope he is convicted, and they throw him in a cell with Big Bubba that needs a new girlfriend. Child molesting freaks don't last very long in prison, and I hope he gets exactly what he deserves. I also hope any parent that allowed their child to be put in that position is prosecuted right along with him. I believe this was not the first child, and if not convicted, will not be the last. Pedophiles are never cured.
Why would he have sent a legal team with a check, a video camera and a affidavit to the kid's house the very next day to say that nothing happened? That sounds fishy to me.
I had to laugh.. but I do agree. He gives me the creeps
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I have to admit that he gives me the creeps too
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MJ defends himself

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I hate to say it, but I'm already sick of this case, although it hasn't gone to court yet. There have been so many unsavory stories about both Jackson and the boy's mother in the media that I wonder how an impartial jury can be picked. I'm afraid that there will be an even bigger media circus than there was with Simpson, since the latter was virtually unknown outside the U.S., and Jackson is an international star. His fame has waned in the past 10 years, particularly in the U.S., but I doubt that there are many people who have no idea who he is.
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Originally posted by jcat
I hate to say it, but I'm already sick of this case

Me Too
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http://www.cnn.com/ Michael has been charged with seven counts of child molestation.
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wow- so what now?
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Wait for the trial.

Then watch it all unfold in anticipation. Talk about it.

Watch some more. Talk some more.

Then hold our breath for the verdict. More talk.

OR as I'm doing, not following the three ring circus and finding other more constructive things to do.
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The court DID let him have his passport back, so that he can spend Christmas in England.
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Which at least some Britons are unhappy about:
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Well, he couldn't go, this weekend - he was too busy throwing a party at Neverland.
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Somebody is in "never never land": http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/entertainment/3337957.stm
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"60 Minutes" aired an interview, last night. The Weird One is STILL insisting that its "OK to sleep with children". Even Ed Bradley, experienced reporter that he is, looked surprised that MJ would continue to spout this line, in the face of these allegations.

Maybe this IS starting to get to him, though: his makeup was a mess, lipliner crooked and lipstick not filled in, unshaven, eyebrows ungroomed and his eyeliner was smeared. His nose IS still attached (maybe with spirit gum).
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I guess I would make a good juror in this case, because I haven't decided yet whether he is guilty, or if some people are after some serious cash. Why anyone would let their children stay with him is beyond me.

One thing is for certain, he is one disturbed individual. I didn't watch the interview, but they are now referring to it on the Today show.
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One thing I dont understand is, how the hell would they let him have his passport? A regular person who was arrested would have their passport taken away or they are considered a flight risk. It really is not fair.
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He's also claiming that the cops dislocated his shoulder. If so, why hasn't his lawyer filed a police brutality suit? Geragos was right there, beside him, the whole time. Does anyone believe that cops would take a chance, with a defense attorney watching their every move?

His whining is getting really old, really fast.
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If he had dislocated his shoulder, he would have had to go to the hospital and wouldn't he have to have a sling?
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The morning news showed videotape, of him leaving the sheriff's dept., that day. He was waving vigorously, with both hands. Some dislocated shoulder! His lawyer is now claiming that MJ had bruises, too. Right after the booking, though, he complimented the Santa Barbara Sheriff's Dept on their "professionalism and courtesy."

The Jackson family has announced that the Nation of Islam has taken over all of MJ's business matters and his bookings. The Nation says that it has NO business relationship, with him. Who's lying? IMO, neither group is credible.
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I remember him waving his hands and doing that 'V' sign.

What is going on with them? I smell a rat.
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Sheriff denies Jackson charge of rough treatment

SANTA BARBARA, California (CNN) -- A California sheriff on Wednesday denied that singer Michael was abused during his arrest on child molestation charges in November, and said he has asked the state attorney general to investigate.

"Should this investigation prove the charges made by Mr. Jackson to be groundless, I will request that criminal charges of false report of peace officer misconduct be pursued against him," Santa Barbara Count Sheriff Jim Anderson told reporters.

California Attorney General Bill Lockyer quickly issued a statement saying he had ordered an independent investigation into whether Jackson's rights were violated. He said he did not know how long it would take, according to a report from The Associated Press.

Jackson, 45, surrendered to authorities November 20 to face multiple allegations of child molestation. The singer is charged with seven counts of performing lewd or lascivious acts on a child under 14 and two counts of administering an intoxicating agent, reportedly wine.

Jackson, who is free on $3 million bail, has said he is innocent.

In an interview aired Sunday on CBS' "60 Minutes," he said deputies dislocated his shoulder by manhandling him, fastened his handcuffs tight enough to leave his wrists swollen and locked him in a feces-smeared restroom for about 45 minutes.

Anderson said he is treating Jackson's statements as a citizen's complaint, but added that Jackson's treatment while in custody "can only be described as professional."

"Mr. Jackson was treated with the utmost respect and courtesy during his arrest, transport and booking and release by all members of this department," Anderson said.

There was no immediate response from Jackson's attorneys to the sheriff's announcement. Jackson's brother, Jermaine, and his lawyer, Mark Geragos, have made similar allegations in CNN interviews, and Geragos warned there would be "repercussions" for Michael Jackson's treatment.

In an audiotape played Wednesday for reporters, Santa Barbara County deputies advise Jackson how to sit more comfortably wearing handcuffs, after Jackson said they hurt him during his trip from the airport to the county jail. Later, Jackson asks to have the air conditioning turned up; when deputies did so and asked how he was doing, Jackson tells them, "wonderful."

"He was also whistling and singing to himself during transport," Anderson said.

The handcuffs were removed about 40 seconds after Jackson arrived at the jail, Anderson said. He also disputed Jackson's assertion that deputies dislocated his shoulder, noting that a videotape shows Jackson waving to onlookers upon his release.

"This activity is inconsistent with Mr. Jackson's claims of injuries incurred during his arrest and booking," Anderson said.

Jackson also complained to "60 Minutes" that police taunted him after locking him in a bathroom that had been smeared with feces.
Jackson is shown leaving a county jail in November after he was booked on molestation charges.

"It stunk so bad," he said. "Then one of the policemen came by the window, and he made a sarcastic remark. He said, 'Does it smell good enough for you in there? How do you like the smell? Is it good?' And I just simply said, 'It's all right. It's okay.' So I just sat there and waited."

But Anderson said the toilet in the holding cell that Jackson was allowed to use was cleaned shortly before the singer's arrest, and he said neither Jackson nor his lawyers made any complaints at the time.

"I think Mr. Jackson has seriously hurt his credibility," Anderson concluded at Wednesday's news conference.

Jackson has not filed a formal complaint against the department, The Associated Press reported.

Earlier Wednesday, Chief Deputy Fred Olguin, who oversees the jail and was present at Jackson's booking, told NBC's "Today" show that Jackson was handcuffed "around the wrist like any other prisoner," the AP reported.

He said the singer blew a kiss to other inmates as he was checked in, then was kept in a holding room with a toilet, sink and bench for 15 to 20 minutes. He said the holding room is scrubbed once a day, the AP reported.

I think he has hurt his own credibility.
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The sheriff took MSNBC on a tour of the booking area, today. Its way too open for anything to have happened, without anybody seeing it. They also showed videotape, of MJ waving with BOTH hands, after the booking. Some dislocated shoulder!
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CBS has published the transcript of the interview, along with some comments: http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2003/...in590381.shtml
Why didn't his lawyer stop him from giving this interview? No wonder his spokesman just resigned!
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It seems rather fishy that, after months of refusing an interview, MJ decided to do it, AFTER CBS rescheduled the Jackson special. This special was postponed, after the scandal broke. It is also rumored that "60 Minutes" paid him for the interview. Naturally, CBS is denying this.

Jackson's camp is now denying that he's alleged specific mistreatment. The word now is that he "felt as mistreated as ANY prisoner." Bovine Excrement! His allegations were VERY specific: bruises, a dislocated shoulder and continuing pain.

BTW: WHERE is Mark Geragos, during all of this hoopla?
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Originally posted by katl8e
BTW: WHERE is Mark Geragos, during all of this hoopla?
Probably cringing in a closet, wondering how he can dump his client!
I notice none of the lawyers from the last molestation case (Cochran, Weitzman) are involved this time.
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Originally posted by jcat
Probably cringing in a closet, wondering how he can dump his client!
I wonder if a lawyer can get a gag order, against his own client?
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I didn't read all of the posts here, so I don't know if there are others who support my opinion, but here goes:

I personally do not believe that Michael committed the crimes he has been charged with. I see him as an amazing person who loves children so much that people think it weird. Michael missed most of his childhood by being on tours and constantly on the road. To make up for this he created Neverland and everyday allows underprivileged children experience happiness that they probably have not had before. Yes, he may sleep with childen, but that's all he does. SLEEP. He wants children to feel loved, maybe because he didn't feel that when he was a child. I remember that when I was little and I was scared or had a bad dream, I climbed into my parent's bed or my older brother's bed because I wanted to be near someone who loved me. It made me feel protected. Micheal is only trying to make children feel protected. Maybe he is naive to the society we now live in. A society where any kind of touching between adults and kids who are not relatives is wrong. Some people are not bad, I know it's hard to believe. Adults should not be afraid of simply hugging a child to make them feel better.

I think that the other side of this is that many people will exploit famous people for the pure benefits that they can get in return. Look at the whole R. Kelly scandal. A girl yells rape and suddenly he absolutely did it. She reaked all the benefits, while his life was ruined. I'm not saying all people do this, not even most people do this, but there are people out there who look at only how they will benefit from situations. It doesn't matter to them whose lives they ruin in the process.

Innocent until proven guilty. I personally believe he's innocent.
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