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Wednesday daily thread...

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I have this uge oral report to give today at 2:45 and I was trying to making copies of my notes for the entire class...and what do you know...the computer lab's computer is out of toner and the lab assistant is an idiot and can't find any.

Why does this kind of stuff happen when you are really really really short on time?

Ugh. At least this is a 4 day week and we have off of school on Friday. Then it's turkey week.
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Morning everyone...rise and shine
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Morning all,

Today I am picking up my new car, a 92' VW corrado and I can't wait, work is secondary today.
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Today is supposed to be around 60 F here. I wish I felt better so I could go put my christmas lights out. I'm afraid if I'm up too much my nose will start bleeding again.

Have to go to the doctor in a hour so he can see how I'm doing. I changed my dressing and cleaned my nose out at 5am and the bandage is still clean so that is a good sign. My face is very swollen today and I hear it will get worse before it gets better. 3 days after is when you see the most swelling. I'm very stuffy today and can't breathe out of my nose. So I have to breathe through my mouth. Between that, the pain killers and decongestants, my poor mouth is so dry my tongue sticks to my mouth and lips! Pain is pretty well under control.

I'm going to try to call today and see if they've gotten my car in to fix it yet.
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I'm rising, but I'm not shining.

Blah. Woke up at 2:30 this morning with a migrane. Luckily it was still in the beginning stages so I took some Excedrin Migrane and it was gone in about an hour. Well, I think it was a migrane anyway. One of the symptoms of the flu that is going around is bad headaches, and this morning I feel like.....well, if I would just get sick I would feel a whole lot better! I really hope I'm not getting it, but all indications are here that I am. I have to tough it out as much as possible at work because I don't want to miss too much, and I only have about 20 hours of sick time left for the year.

On a brighter note, yesterday was our 3 year anniversary. Earl showed up to pick me up at work with a really cute card (with kitties on it!), and a dozen long stemmed roses (white with pink tips - very pretty!). He can sure drive me nuts, but then can be so sweet.
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Good Morning All!

NewtoCats: I know how you feel! I tend to have everything creep up on me at the last minute, and then everything goes wrong. Hang in there and good luck and the report this afternoon!!

Slipstream: Congrats on your new VW! I have a '02 Beetle, and just adore it!

Mzjazz2u: I so hope you feel better very very soon! Many prayers and healing vibes sending your way! (((HUGS)))

Everyone at work was so kind when I walked in. I was out yesterday with a stomach virus and with the flood happening on Monday night...it was just to rough on my body yesterday. Such a beautiful day today though! I feel a tad bit better, but I have so much work to catch up on and a term paper due in a couple of days...hope I can manage! Have a great one everyone! (To all the Georgia folks, be careful..I saw that the storm was headed your way today!!...very dangerous storm!!)
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Morning all, another stormy windy rainy day! Our irrigation well actually worked yesterday for the first time in months!

mZjazz2u- you can get lemon gylcerine sticks and swab the inside of your mouth out to help with the dryness. I have seen them at Rite-Aid. I am sure being packed with all that cotton and gauze has got to be uncomfortable, but the bright spot is how well you will be able to breathe once the packing is removed.

Heidi!! Happy Anniversary late! How nice of Earl to buy you flowers! I hope you have a good day and your migraine/flu symptoms go away soon.

I had a message in my box from Anne this morning, they are finally home. I don't expect her to be online much, but at least I know she is okay.

Still trying to stay off my foot. It is all hot and red but not that swollen now, but still hurts like the dickens. But it could have been so much worse!

My sister starts her year of chemo today. I hope it works for her and the tumor shrinks. They are giving her such a low dosage because of the time frame factor that she is hoping to not have many side effects from it.
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Ugh, I woke up with a wicked headache at 2am and didn't get to sleep until about 7am or so. I called off of my first hour of work and skipped two classes. I just got into work for 12:30p and will be here until about 5p (unless I feel really badly... then I'll only be here until 3p). I'm in the midst of finishing up some work that is due for my Major British Writers class tomorrow.

Last night Josh and I went to our first session of R.C.I.A. (which is the first stage for adults who want to covert to Catholicism). I'm Catholic already, but have been away from the church for a long time. So, I'm doing it with him in hopes that I can figure out exactly what it is that I believe in. I am really excited about it though... there is only one other person besides Josh and me. Our "teacher" is a really nice, laid back guy. I'm actually going to see if I can somehow use the R.C.I.A. courses as an independent study for credit. I need one more religion class to meet my requirements, and this would be perfect.

I have work tonight and some cleaning to do around the house. Other than that, I'm going to SLEEP! (=

Have a great rest of the day, everyone.
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Hubby woke me up early this morning just to tell me there was a leak in the roof, and I could not get back to sleep.

Been working out on the bike, I want to stay home today because of the crappy weather.

I think I want to take a nap, and snooze LOL>

Have a good day.
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It's a beautiful day here in Los Angeles. It's probably about 75 degrees right now, and it's supposed to get up to 80 today. I have a feeling it'll be warmer than that, because it's so warm already. I worked some overtime this morning, so I got home later than usual this morning. I wish I didn't have to work tonight, because I'd love to go out and enjoy this beautiful day.
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I feel like crap tonight. I can't breathe out of my nose and it started bleeding again. And my whole body hurts. Well... at least my neck and where my lungs are. And my nose is getting bigger by the minute!
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My yard is flooded, there are 3 ways out of my road, 2 are flooded and one road collapsed. Yay. THerefore I've been sitting here doing nothing for a while, just praying my house doesn't flood. Roxygo is not too happy because I imprisoned him in the house so the geese don't eat him and also so he doesn't float to mexico. I am now changing my resume to a functional one and it's giving me a headache, plus watching bob the bachelor for distraction.

Ex bf really freaking peed me off today, yesterday, and the day before. I can't wait until I get a job so I can take my mind off of my failing relationships. I think I'm gonna call my old McJob and beg, I didn't leave on the greatest of terms but I did give 2 weeks and I was a great worker, so at least it will be something to do until I can finally get a break in my field. Blah.

Well I'm certainly a downer today!
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It sounds like this is the walking sick and wounded forum! My best to everyone feeling ill or depressed today!

Actually worked a more-or-less normal 10 hour day today. We did a software installation for a project in the making for the last 2 years last weekend and catching the fallout from that installation this week. At 3PM I was informed that I had to walk into a VP's meeting at 4:30 and give a progress update. I wasn't sure if I was going to be canned or promoted but got neither (yipee)! On Friday they decide whether to pull the plug and walk away or go forward with it. It'll be tense over the next few weeks.....

Scarlett and Koko are more relaxed now that Billie has been adopted. They both tolerate the boys but don't like other girls. Spanky and Oscar are having a large time with everyone and Oscar has finally come out of his shell and is exerting his little self. He's still tiny for his age, but I can see him growing every day. He has a hair fetish and now trys to edge out Bogart for sleeping rights on my hair. Thank heavens I have enough to go around.
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I am sorry M.A, about your sisters chemo , I do hope everthing will be allright with her . I also hope you will get better .

mzjazz I am sorry you are not feeling well and hope you will hopefully feel better tomorrow .

Heidi I also hope you will not get the flue at all and say a prayer you are getting a good job soon .

My day was a little busy today . I was cleaning the priest house today , but was early finished by 2pm . So that was giving me some time to do some posting here and also time to eat something and have a cup coffe . Then I went to the vet with Iris having Ginger and Cookie with me . After that the lady come by and pay her rent from the one house we still managing . I used to manage 9 houses and 17 appartments . I got so sick of people lying all the time and using my goodness of my heart trying to work with their money problems . I am happy I got rid of that job , even though it was a good paying job . But a pain in the neck . Then I had to give all the meds to my kitties and spent most of the time here on tcs That was my day today . I hope you all will have a great night or day where you are
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