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new adopted kitty

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We adopted a kitten from the Humane Society - she was spayed on Monday and we brought her home on Tuesday.

We have a 7 yr old healthy male cat and when we brought Bianca home - we thought she would be shy and hide for a few days

She immediately started checking the whole house out, wasn't afraid and was very playful.

However, on Wed. she started sneezing. Her appetite is fine but she seems to be staying to herself.

Today is Friday and she is still pretty much keeping to herself. I've also noticed that a few inches above her stitches from being spayed there is a raised bump. Is this normal?

I am very concerned that she was so playful and about this bump and the sneezing.

Hope someone can give me some tips quick...Thanks jazz
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I would call the vet about the bump. It may be nothing, but if there is an infection, it's easier to treat if caught early. The change in bahvior can also indicate an infection.

As for the sneezing, let the vet know about this as well, though in itself it's not something to worry about.

Welcome to our forums and please let us know how she's doing!

p.s. I'm moving this to the health forum.
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I would get her into the vet. The raised area may be an infection of some sort. As for the sneezing, If it continues, she may be getting an upper respitory infection. Her immune system may have been on the weak side from the surgery.
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