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Im having my surgery tomorrow, I hope?
I have blue cross blue shield insurance and got a call at home, while at work, saying I have a 10% liability, and they need it tomorow. I dont have a $1000 to pay tomorrow. I thought usually places are willing to make payment arrangements! I cant reschedule this .... and they sure as hell had my work number.
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Talk to them, they may go with 10% of that and a promisory note. It depends on who it is.
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Do you mean a 10% deductible? Or like a 10% copay?

If so, that is normal. Its very rare that there would be no out of pocket expense for a surgery. I've had several insurance co's over the years, including BCBS, and they always have a copay.
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Maybe it's the copay, but my husband thinks it might only be a $100 something. I remember when we worked at Motorola, and had insurance, I had laparascopy and I was responsible for 10% of the balance, but they allowed me to setup payments. I just hope this is the case. I'll call them before I leave. I am just wondering why they are asking me to pay it up front I dont know many people who have $1000 (if that IS the case) to pay upfront.
I've waited too long for this, and dont want to delay it. Then look at who you are talking to ... I always worry about stuff like this :martian:
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What type of sugery is this?

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How are you? Did your surgery push thru?
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Hope everything goes well with your surgery. Most places are asking people to pay their co-pay up front now...I noticed that when taking Amber to the Dr. because before they would bill me, but now they want it up front.
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I have blue cross too and I was billed for my copay. It was something like $245. They always say they want it then but if you go with nothing they won't refuse you.
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