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anyone as bored as I am?

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I am soooooooooo bored!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I'm technically not bored. I'm supposed to be going to sleep.
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I'm not bored,just procrastinating. I need to get busy on my homework that's due in the morning and plus I need to study for a dang test.
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Ok,I agree, I"m so totaly bored tonight. there's nothing on tv and I've surfed the internet until I'm about to tears. Someone livin' up the place will ya!?
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Lively enough for you?
Im bored all the time, anytime, anywhere. So not much hope here.
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Yep, thanks Cougar! LOL!
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How can one be bored on a nice day like this? Well. it's Wednesday morning where I am. I just came from jogging and got pissed at this guy walking his dog. He won't pick up after his dog. For shame! there's enough dog sh*t from strays, why add to the filth!...Patience, as I said, it is a nice day.
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I'm not bored. I just got home, brought in some washing, organised for mum to bring me home some coke.. and Now I'm about to play Polar Rescue.
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Glad I could help Jugen. Thats wierd, Im just about to go to sleep, well 2 hours from now, but its close. You guys are out jogging, hehe
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I also am bored...but actually that is a good thing...I rarely have time to be bored anymore, I barely know the meaning of the word. I can't really say I'm bored now though, because I am on here with all my online friends and that is definitely not boring.
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Right now, I'm bored out of my mind!
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