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Ever get bored surfing the net?

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I get totally bored surfing the net somedays. I really don't like TV all that much, so, when I have down time, I like to surf the internet.

It seems that I am like that commercial on TV...you know, the guy that has reached the end of the internet...lol. I think I have maybe made it there. I can't seem to find anything new or interesting, and I know that just isn't true...

So...if you have any fun, weird, interesting links to some good internet sites...would you post them here for me? Thanks a bunch!

Cindy W. ------>too much time on my hands today, I guess...lol!
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Yeah, I get that feeling too, but usually if I'm surfing the net, its because I am not sewing, crafting or cleaning. So I'm REALLY bored then !
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I play games at www.miniclip.com but that's only if I have posted wherever possible in TCS.

I would love to find a new site that has interesting stuff....
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Just do a Google search for strange or unusual websites, or do a search under "wierd" But watch out for the website that worships orange traffic cones!

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'fraid not. I love to surf, and do research online
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Now THAT is wierd !
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I play games online at www.gameland.com their pyramid solitaire is addictive.

If I get bored with the internet, I read a book.
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LOL MA, that is a funny site!

Yaknow, I was just thinking about that commercial last night, the one Cindy mentioned. Weird to come on here today and find people talking about it!! Yes, I do feel like that sometimes...
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When I like to play a game I go to shockwave.com , they have great game's there, also to download for free . Well free at least for a little while then they want to sell it to you , but you don't have to buy that game
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Hedi - I do the daily jigsaw every day, I love it.
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My favored is Delirium and Mahjong tiles to play there Kiwi
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sometimes i do....then i play some games
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I don't surf all that often unless I'm trying to research something particular. There is such an endless amount of knowledge out there, that I find it hard to get bored!!
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Okay, that traffic cone one is a little weird. I'l have to send that to my Dad since he used to work in highway construction.

Chelle--did you check out the movie and snowflake links?
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If you like alternative music, check out this site:


The lead singer is a coworker of mine, and he's cute.
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