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Lovey Is Sick

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Since Lovey's spay on Friday she has been coughing. She is eating and drinking fine but her coughing has gotten worse. The vet said it is common after anesthesia but to bring her in this afternoon so they can get her on some antibiotics so she doesn't get pneumonia. Please send good vibes for her, I am so worried. My oldest son is still home with the flu and my youngest has pre-school so it was really a challenge to find a time to get her in. It is snowy and cold here today. I hate to take her out in this nasty cold but she really needs checked out, I am worried about my baby.

UPDATE: Lovey actually coughed at the vets when he was listening to her lungs. He said she has a lot of congestion in there. He gave her a shot of anitbiotic and a diuretic that is supposed to help break up the congestion. She is on antibiotic pills for one week. Thank goodness I had read about pilling cats on here and had sense enough to ask for a pill gun. They actually gave me a free of charge visit and the meds because he said 1 in 100 cats will react the way Lovey has. She hasn't coughed once since she was at the office. Praying for Lovey to have a speedy recovery.
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Hang in there! Sending positive "get well" vibes to u, ur cat AND ur kids!! Keep us posted.
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I'll add my "get well soon" wishes to that!
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When you transport her, make sure she has plenty of bedding. (Someone who sews could make a pretty penny making cat carrier pillows.) Wrap the carrier up in a dark blanket or towel to keep her calm and warm, and best of luck!
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I upadated my post on this . Please read the first post in this thread.
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