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Oscar and his silent mew

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I just remembered something and wanted to share it. When we got got oscar as a kitten, I noticed he didn't make much sound when he mewed, sometimes a sqeak and then occasionally nothing at all.

So we took him to the vets and he asked if he made any mews when we set down his food...... I said yeah a bit. Finally the vet came to the conclusion that Oscar is a "lazy mew"er".

Now Oscar has settled in he talks to us quite vocally when he wants....does anyone else have a lazy mewer?

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My Elisha always make the silent meow , sometimes he sqeak funny too . But he can do the normal meow if he wants too . I just think it is kind of cute
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All of our kitties are very vocal, but I had a cat many years ago that never mewed. He would try, but nothing came out except a little exhaling sound. No squeak, nothing. Funny though, the cat mewed like crazy in the pet store where we got him, after that, he never made a sound. The vet believes he may have damaged his vocal cords when he was a kitten. Or, maybe he just liked to whisper to us
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My Pipsqueek never meowed as a kitten (hence the "squeek" part of his name)but now I can't shut him up. He still squeeks when he wants lovin but talks quite loudly to get me to play with him. Its still not a full MEOW tho.
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I don't have any lazy mewers, but my cat Mozart used to make this funny noise when he was first starting to eat solids. It had kind of a sing-song quality to it. It was cute, but unfortunately he grew out of it. He does have a deep/gravelly purr, that if you didn't know better you'd think he has a cold. Only, he doesn't and it's always sounded that way.
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My girlfriend's cat, spooky, does just a little squeak.

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My Rainbow Bridge kitty, Midnight, usually made silent meows or squeaking noises. The only times she would actually meow normally were when she was in her carrier riding in the car, and when she was at the vets.
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I have a cat that meowed with no sound coming out, that I took him to the vet. I thought he had laryngitis. Silly me !!! He is now 6 years old, and has silent meows when he feels like it. When he is hungry or mad, boy is he loud.
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When I brought my kitten home before her first vet app. she never amde a noise at all. Then the vet told me that she had really bad ear mites (they found her living in a woodshed) and he cleaned them out and then she started to make this squeaking noise, Hense the name, lol

She has yet to develope into a full meow, but at least she can hear now and the squeaking is kind of cute!!
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Our cat is lucky to let out a soft trilling sound. He never meows never has and i doubt he ever will.. It is so cute tho because his sister loves to say hello, yet he will only make a sound when you pat him on his back (and looks at you lovingly)..
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My kitten Alley is a silent meower also
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