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risk in breeding?

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Hi, I was wondering how often problems occur in breeding cats? I know many times a couple of kittens don't make it But how often are their problems with the mother? And what problems could possible happen?
I am thinking of breeding my kitty. She has AMAZING temperament, beautiful markings and is purebred but we are going to keep all the kittens anyway so i guess that doesn't matter

She is the best kitten i have ever had and I would love to breed her but I don't want to do anything that would put her at risk;( I have never bred before so I have no idea what i am doing. If anyone knows of a good website I could look at or any information I would greatly appreciate it!
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I don't reccomend breeding cats just for the sake of breeding them.

Having said that, there are many many things that can and do go wrong even with the most experienced when she's had them allbreeders. Yes you can lose a kitten when you have the experience, and it's much easier when you don't. The goal is not to lose any, this mjeans you have to study up on everything that could go wrong and be ready to help and fix it.

Something you may not know is how long you should let a girl mate. The more you let them mate, the more likely it is that you'll end up with a large litter that the mother may not be able to handle. This can happen even if you only let them mate a couple of times as well.

Then there is the birth... You'll need to know LOTS about that, in addition to being able to tell when she's had them all.

You'll also need to know the background of the father, as there might be something hiding in lineage that could possibly crop up.

Basically, there are way to many things to know and way to many things that could go wrong to post here.

If you're sure it is the right thing for you to do, then I would go to the CFA website, or the TICA website for more info, but as I said, I don't really reccomend that you breed her.
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Also, you need to make sure she is checked for FIV, FIP and FeLV and the male is checked as well. You don't want her to catch that from the male or vice versa.

I agree with Ken though - it's best to have her spayed. It would be the best thing for her health. And I have a feeling that as wonderful as I'm sure she is, if you go to your local shelter, you can find cats and kittens just as loving and wonderful that need good homes. Those cats are already here and at risk of being put down unless they find a good home... no need to bring new ones into this world.
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Hi and thanks for your replies!
I am also very active in animal rescue and do a lot of fostering for local shelters. There are sooo many cats in the world and sadly not enough cat lovers;( I also volunteer at our shelter and have tried desperately to find homes for some of the older cats but a lot of the times they have to be pts. I know that bringing more cats into this world isn't needed, that is why I am going to keep all of them. Well, my family and relatives want to have one if I was to breed her. It would just be one litter and then they would be spayed/neutered afterwards

I would love to save all the shelter cats but I just love ragdolls so much i want to stay with that breed, also I have a fear of getting a shelter cat and finding out after a couple years that it is positive for FIP FeLV, etc. I know the tests are very inaccurate and I don't want to take that risk... I am a little paranoid I know, and definitely being hypocritical but I just love my cats more than anything. Plus she just has perfect ragdoll qualities, sweet, follows you EVERYWHERE, playful, and just wonderful. I would love to pass that on.

I know my kitten is completely healthy, she had been tested and also came from a reputable breeder, she is breeder quality also. The male cat that I would like to breed her with is my parents kitten, he is about the same age and is also completely healthy, breeder quality also. They were not from the same breeder though.

I guess I really need to just read all I can and think through things carefully. I still am not sure if I want to breed her…So thanks for any opinions and information!!

Just so you know both cats are STRICTLY indoor cats and I only foster dogs so they risk of them breeding is extremely slim unless they sneak out which they never do and we would catch them right away if that did ever happen. So, until they get neutered spayed they should be ok. But don’t worry they will be fixed : )
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I understand you love the breed...but you have to remember that unless there is a demand for Ragdolls...which isn't currently being are simply putting more kittens out in the world who could end up at the shelter. Think long and hard and talk to some other breeders from this site offline first. Currently there are 92 Ragdoll cats on Petfinder.

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Well, the thing is we would keep all the kittens no matter what. I do have homes lined up for them if I do breed. I wouldn't be able to give them to homes I didn't know well anyway, even if they do seem like great homes.
I do search on petfinder for ragdolls near me but there are none in my state. Also alot of them aren't purebred( I know I hate saying that but I really would like to stay with purbreds)

I would never become a breeder though just because I know it is a lot of time, money and heartbreaking if one of the kittens doesn't make it, so this would only be one time.
But now that everyone feels it is a bad idea, maybe I won't.. it's just that I know I would like to get another ragdoll as a friend for my little ragdoll and also i know my parents would like another and my relatives would like one. There aren't even any current ragdoll breeders in our state so they would have to be shipped, which I hate doing.
Also all kittens and the parents would be spayed neutered right after. THe only reason my parents cat and mine aren't is because they are both breeder quality.
We have been thinking about this since I got my kitten, so it isn't just like a "gee lets breed our cat for the experience" sort of thing. Because I know everyone involved with animal rescue hears that everyday and bring in the results from that...
Just thought I would let you know that.

Anyway just incase I do breed, do you know of any good books that I could read about breeding that would be great, also if there is anything specific I should know about ragdolls?
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Where are you Located? Perhaps I could put you in touch with a good Ragdoll Breeder who could mentor you...
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That would be so wonderful Imagyne! Any information would be greatly appreciated. I live in south-central Indiana. I think talking to a breeder, specifically with ragdolls, would give me a better understanding about what I would be getting myself into.
I have been searching a couple of sites such as this one:
Which has been very resourceful.
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I feel like I am stating the obvious, but . . .

Why not call the reputable Ragdoll breeder you bought your cat from? Since she was sold to you as breeding quality, I'm surprised he/she isn't the first person you are calling with questions. After all, who understands the cat and the potential breeding problems she might have better than the person who bred her?

Even if this breeder is too far from you to mentor you themselves, I'm sure they would know a Ragdoll breeder in your area that they could recommend to you.

But the bottom line is, I don't know of any reputable breeder that would sell an intact 'breeding quality' female to someone who "has no idea what they are doing".

Sorry to sound coarse, and I'm not trying to hurt your feelings, but I've been reading this thread from the beginning and I've been wondering about these things.

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Well, the person I got the female from did "sell an intact 'breeding quality' female to someone who 'has no idea what they are doing'."

I mean everyone started out somewhere right. Every breeder bought their first kitten from another breeder and that breeder " sold an intact 'breeding quality' female to someone who "has no idea what they are doing"." This isn't innate knowledge.

Although I am not a breeder I do have some common sense and have been thinking about this since day 1. I have thought about money, tried to gain as much information as possible, have watched cats give birth, granted it was through TV and I have been searching the internet for any possible information.

I feel she was a wonderful breeder and she had the history from both the mother and father. She is very small and only has one litter a year. I explained to her that I might not breed the kitten. And yes I have contacted her but she honestly doesn't know any ragdoll breeders near me. The closest is at least 6+ hours away. She has talked to me about some of the basics and told me to ask if I had any questions. It just is a pain talking via email and long distance calls. I just would feel better if anyone knew of someone close to me or any additional information I could use. That is why I inquired on this board for any information?
If you are a breeder, look back to your very first litter. How did you feel???? You can never get enough information esp with something involving a life.
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You never said you had spoken to the breeder, so how would I have known? You stated “you had no idea what you were doing†and asked for websites with information.

I’m just surprised that this breeder cares so little about the female she sold you that she is just willing to let you “wing it†with her and isn’t offering any serious guidance or direction. No reputable breeder ever sells a breeding cat to a stranger. Period. I’m sorry that’s not what you want to hear, but that’s how it is.

I agree everyone has to start somewhere, but there is a right way and a wrong way to go about it. A reputable breeder will sell an intact female to a new person that they are **mentoring themselves**. And that is after that person has shown that she is committed to the breed by learning as much as she can BEFORE she gets a breeding cat. That would be by going to cat shows, meeting breeders, possibly showing a cat in the alter class to learn the standard and what correct conformation is. Not someone who thinks it “might be fun†to have a litter for friends and family.

There is a big difference, and since you are someone who is involved in rescue, I’m surprised you aren't more passionate about this.

I’m not a breeder yet, but plan to be soon. I’ve been showing cats (alters) for several years and just now feel I have enough information to start breeding. By showing, I have gotten to know many people in my breed of choice so I have contacts and connections. I also have a mentor who I have become very close with over this time. I got to know her from going to cat shows and she will literally hold my hand when I breed my first litter. That is a reputable breeder.

If you really want to learn, bring your girl to a cat show and enter her in the Ragdoll class. That is the place to get real information and meet people who can help you. If you want help getting started, I am glad to offer any assistance I can – just private message me. Sometimes I am at cat shows out your way.

You don’t have to be so defensive – I said in my first post I wasn’t trying to hurt your feelings. I can be blunt – but it is not to flame – it is to enlighten. I could take the easy way out and tell you what you want to hear – but I think it’s much more productive to tell you the truth.
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I am sorry cathy if you thought that I was being very defensive. I didn't think it sounded defensive at all I was just letting you know that I did talk to the person I obtained my cat from and I am explaining myself. That is the problem with talking via post everyone interprets things differently.
I am VERY passionate about rescue. I am in the process of starting my own rescue. If you asked anyone who knew me, they would tell you that is why I am here. I am in tears every night about all the homeless animals that are put to sleep every MIN. I dedicate all my time to rescue. I am talking to people, driving long distances, spending my own money to save as many as I can. And even if you don't mean to hurt my feelings you did when you said I wasn't passionate about rescue. That really struck me deep, because no matter what your intentions are it still effect my feelings.

Anyway, The difference is, my cat is purebred, my relatives want to get a purebred ragdoll, I would like another ragdoll, I love the characteristics I have always loved this breed. I have done research on this breed, I know the standard, temperament, etc. I love "mutt" cats but with shelter cats there are many disease that could be spread to my cat and that will honestly kill me.

So with that being said you are probably wondering why not rescue a purebred ragdoll, well I have looked for ragdolls in my area that are in need of a home but I have not found one. So by breeding my cat once to my family who wants a ragdoll kitten, isn’t taking a home away from a shelter cat.

Also when you said"
"Not someone who thinks it “might be fun†to have a litter for friends and family. "
I DON"T think it "might be fun" .my family and relatives want a ragdoll. I have a ragoll my family has a ragdoll. Instead of having 5 babies shipped (about $5,000) and putting them through all that stress. We want to breed my kitten because of her characteristics, etc.
Also I am aware that I didn't mention I have talked to the breeder, that is why I said "and yes I have talked to the breeder in my later post"
So I don't know why you thought I assumed you would know.

I said " i have no idea what I am doing" because I want any information that was left out. I would rather reread things rather then miss something basic that was left out.
I would rather be over prepared.

I can also be blunt, and I am glad that you are being honest because that is what I want to know, but your post was about the breeder and your opinion on her. That is not what I am looking for. She has given me a lot of information and maybe she should have only given a breeder kitten to someone who plans to breed the rest of their life. I don't know i don't want to drag this out any longer, it's a waste of time.

Thank you for your offer to help I will def take advantage of it. I guess I am just looking for someone here to be with me when she gives birth.J Just to have that reassurance, I am a little paranoid about everything and I tend to make things a bigger deal then they really are. If my cat sneezes once I drop everything and run to the vet. Everyday when I come home from the shelter and I have been with the cats I have to take a shower change clothes etc before I even touch my cat! That’s just how I am J I definitely got that from my mother.
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Hi GFisher.. I'm a persian breeder from New Zealand feel free to PM me anytime with questions, I have been breeding persians for nearly five years.

I think it's great that you want to start breeding ragdolls, please make sure you register your prefix,etc etc with your local Cat Orginisation(sp?) first and you must read EVERY book on cat breeding, Seriousely too much knowledge is never enough. Cat breeding is not for anyone you have to be strong stomached, patient and a whole lot of other qualitys. Good luck if you do breed your wee girl and like I said before PM(Private Message) me anytime if you have ANY questions, I love helping.
Breeding 'Captivating' Persians & Exotics
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Ok sooo I had to change my user name because I accidentally unsubscribe or something. Anyway this is the last thing I will say in my defense because I am not looking to argue, I am just looking for information.
Hissy~ If you had read the earlier posts, you would see that I am not keeping all the kittens I am keeping one (that would make me have 2 cats) I don't think that is alot at all. I can afford to take care of two cats trust me. I only feed my cat high quality food and only 100% natural litter. I also give her 4 tbs of high quality wet food a day. I take her to the vet regularly, actually even more than regularly haha because I really am paranoid. She gets wormed regularly and gets revolution every month because I also foster dogs. Hissy when you say " If you are *passionate* about rescue, then you wouldn't even entertain the notion of letting this poor cat mate "
Do you realize you are including all breeders? I don't think there is anything wrong with breeding purebred cats. If you ensure they will go to good homes, you research, and you aren't doing it to make profit "kitten mills". I am breeding my cat for the sole purpose for the love of the breed and to pass on my kittens wonderful qualities. I have 5 relatives looking for a cat. 2 of my closest friends would love to take any additional kittens. If ANY of those homes fall through I would take the kittens NO QUESTIONS asked.
Also we do have papers on both of them and their history.
Thank you for giving me the ragdoll rescue information but I have looked at that before and there are none near me. Plus they have a lot of ragdolls that don't even look like rags. I am looking for kittens also, which they hardly get, and last we are looking for a kitten we know is free of all illnesses and their history.

OK so that is all I have to say on that Issue. Any negative responses just won't be read/replied to concerning rescue, negativity towards the breeder I got my kitten from( even though yes, I wish she could help me more), and whether you think I am "passionate" or not because I want to breed my cat once and rescue about 100+ other animals.
I will read comments on why you don't think I should breed concerning health, etc. because that is important.

Sam~ Thank you so much for your offer to help. I will definitely let you know if I come across something! I am in the health field so I have def have learned to stomach just about everything. I had to dissect a cadaver once…uhhg. I am willing to basically give up my life to make sure everything goes well and will spend every min with her before she gives birth, during, and after.

I am hopefully going to make a decision soon so I can get them neutered and spayed asap!!!!
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The problem is you never know if it is going to go well or not. I rescued a feral and she had a flawless birth and everything went perfect, then it turns out she has FIV but the rest of the cats are negative so it is okay. THEN I took in a cat from a shelter that just had babies and all of the babies died in my hands, one by one. I NEVER want to go through that again. It was the most horrible thing in the world.
There are tons of cats that need homes, why bring more into this world. I know that you love your kitty and want more like her but just because she is the mom does not mean the kittens will be anything like her.
Marble, granet and lola are brothers/sister and they are all VERY different. My nimbus, who is a feral, as the best personality and is adorable. He gives kisses, will jump up into you arms (with claws in so he doesnt hurt you) and is a total snuggle bug. His sister stormy is alot like him but blizzy the other sister is different. Moe and neo and brothers and they are very very different. Basically just like with kids you never know what you are going to get.
The best thing you could do is get your kitty fixed and save some kittens from a shelter that really NEED homes.
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Good point princess purr.. that would be disappointing if they all just hated to be held and weren't affectionate at all... The parents are both very loving and that is what I am hoping to pass down.
Even if they were raised with lots of contact and care do you think they would still be un affectionate?

Im so sorry you lost the second litter. that is so horrible. Do you know what caused it? was it during the birth or after?
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With the second litter we lost, the mom healthy and had a good birth, although one of the kittens was still born She became VERY stressed. She was young and a first time mom. She was so stressed she made herself and the kittens sick. I had to force feed her every four hours to keep her alive. We got science diet a/d from our vet and I mixed it with KMR. It was really scary because I didn't know this cat but I held her with one hand but used a feeding syringe to get food in with the other. The kittens where to sick and too young we bottle feed them but they didnt make it. At 1 week they only weight 3 to 4 oz when they should have been a good 8 or more oz.
With cats it just really depends. Snowwhite is wild and the father was wild but nimbus is the MOST loving cat I have ever been around. I spent equal amounts of time with him, blizzy and stormy. Blizzy just hates to be held. Granet, marble and lola we found when they were six weeks old and marble is loving, lola is okay, and granet is very reserved to say the least.
I'm not telling you this to scare you, but you have to think about what is best for your cat. i would not want to put a cat through giving birth just in hopes of producing kittens like them. Trust me I really really didn't want to get nimbus fixed, but I know that there will never be another nimbus.
If I were you I would take a chance on a kitten that is in a shelter. You can tell the speical ones. Sometimes you just see them and know. Your pure breed won't mind having a plain old domistic kitty for a friend and you might be surprised just how great they are. Alot of my ferals are VERY cuddly and loving even though you wouldn't think they would be by nature.
If you have any questions or need to talk please pm me or email me. I know what it is like to want your baby to have babies. I have been there many times, but i also know what it is like to see a healthy cat give birth and then almost die Just not a chance I'm willing to take.
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if you want to read the thread and see pics of the kittens we lost the link is here (fixed link i hope)

I know you will do what you feel is right, but remember the choice you make you are making for you and the cat. She might not want to be a mother, I know bonnie didn't. Bonnie had a happy ending though. We found her a great home where she is an only kitty, but I still have a big whole in my heart from the three kittens we lost.
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I just read the thread and I am soo sorry for your loss. (BTW you have to copy the thread into a new window to open it).

I have to say that I second the notion of not having a litter of kittens...I know it is what you would like...but there are soo many risks. need to beat the topic to death, in the end the decision is yours...just please consider what everyone is saying.

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