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Tuesday Daily Thread

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Good Morning! Well, its soon afternoon and I am surprised there is no daily thread already!

Went to the gym this morning and walked 3 miles, did body pump and I think I am going to be sore tomorrow!

Something strange happened this morning. I did not feel like drinking coffee!!!!!!!! I had green tea instead! Wonder whats wrong with me LOL. I will be making a coffee soon!

Have a good day you all!
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I brought Nathan, one of my ferals who is looking for a home, to the vet this morning. He has been sneezing a lot lately. Turns out he has an URI and an ear infection -- poor guy.

It has been raining for several days, and as we were driving in, a tornado came through the area. The wind and rain were awful!

Luckily, it doesn't look like there was any damage, though when I got to campus, people were still hiding in the basement of the building!

Nathan is with me in my office. There's nothing better than having a cat in the building to make it worth coming into work!
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Hello to every one , hope you are all doing great today . I did some painting yesterday in the new room my hubby addet to the cat enclosure and will go out there in a little while doing some more painting there . Maybe I will make more pics of what has bin done there to get my disk full of the digital camera so I can hopefully doawnload all the pics on my pc . I am really wanting to show off Cookie and Olie my two new persians I got from the rescue in the picture thread . Maybe I also will finish up my loundry washing I started yesterday lol . Geeee it seems like I have at least 7 loads every week of laundry to do . Is it just me or does every body else has that much . Btw. my son has to do his own laundy since he is 13 years old now he is 15 , well in the beginning I helped him . He is doing pretty good so far , he just waits till all is used then he is washing .I think that is normal for a future man . Well again I hope every body has a great day today and wishing you only the best
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Gawd it feels like a Monday! I got a wake up call this morning at 3:50 from Ric & haven't feel able to wake up mental since. I always panic when my phone rings at such a late (or should I say early) time. He said that somehow he locked himself out of his house & his roommate is gone until this evening. So, he wanted to know if he could crash at my place. I wasn't a happy camper, but I couldn't stand the thought of him sleeping in his car...even though it might teach him a lesson about remembering his keys! Apparently, he thought he had to work today at 4am but once he got there, he wasn't scheduled. That's when he realized he left his house keys inside the house. Crazy man! I didn't even get to talk to him about his sister this morning & see how she's doing. I'll talk to him tonight about it & let everyone know hows she's doing.

Other than my early start, the day is going ok. Nothing horrible but nothing wonderful. Wish it was Thursday..my day away from that place!

Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!
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I didn't get home until 6:30 this morning. I left my office yesterday around 4pm. to try and beat the heavy storms that were on the way here. By the time I left, there was 15ft. of water in most intersections around Houston. I thought I was doing real good, until I waited an hour to try to get through one intersection. YUCK! I decided I couldn't go any further and sat in my car for almost 2 hours until my mom called me and told me to walk across the street and head over to a friend's parents house. They took me in for the night...THANK GOD! Electricity was out most of the night, and I had some kind of stomach virus...I finally walked in my house around 6:30 this morning....needless to say I called in today, so I can rest and get some homework done! Hope today is much better than yesterday! (BTW, my VW Bug made it out alive)!!

Yummy, I think I'll have some green tea also and try to eat something since I haven't eaten in 24 hours!! (chicken noodle soup here I come)

Hope everyone's day is bright and cheery! Mine is turning out to be that way since Mittens is all over me purring, I think he missed his mommy!
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Well I'm up and I don't know if I want to be. I'm tired and will most likely be grumpy.

The cat scratched all night in her kittening box, it's Sophies 60th day..

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Not much going on here, had to send Mike out to do the grocery shopping for the month as I have strict instructions to stay off my foot. Boy, it's a good thing that he doesn't do grocery shopping all the time! LOL A lot of junk food just jumped into the cart (or so he says) Fried Pork Rinds, his favorite, we now have 4 bags of the darn things! I can't even stand the smell of them- though the dog loves em.

It's raining here still and really windy. I had Mike bring the horses up and put them near the barn so they would have shelter if they need it. Not that they use it, even in the worst type of weather, they prefer to be outside in it. I can't quite figure that out.

Got an email scam last night, looked like it was from PayPal, but the information they were asking for smacks of identity theft. I sent it on to Security at PayPal and they wrote right back saying not to click on the link, that is in a scam and they are not part of it. I think the biggest clue was the original letter never addressed me by my name, and they asked for information that PayPal already had. I hope they nail the creeps who are trying this on people.
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Just got back from school. My counselor had a long "talk" with me about my failed grades. She should stop bugging me, I know what I'm doing.
Sorry, just not in a good mood today but I had to vent.

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Nothing to spectacular to report. I had a job interview today and will know after the first of the year if I have a new job or not(any vibes are really appreciated)
Paid our house taxes today(a month late oops!) only to find out that our renter( honeys friend) hasn't ben paying his sewer bills and that was added onto our taxes, he owes us $200.00 now not including his rent!
was so impressed with Kev that I bought a few cans of cat food and delivered them to our shelter so they can have full bellies for a few days.
Now I am doing housework,(YUCKY!) got a great deal on some teflon pans, on clearance for $12.98 from 49.99! (I should've gotten the other set, would've made a great xmas present.) I am doing a load of dishes now and will be doing them when the first load is done( I procrastinate on dishes, I hate doing them, I used to love doing them, now I can't stand the things, go figure)
other then that, not much exciting.
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Stopping in late.

Just wanted to say hello to all!

Just finished watching Finding Nemo. How cute is that movie??? I absolutely LOVE Ellen Degeneres. She is hilarious.... especially as a fish!

Hope you all have a great evening.
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I'm exhausted from working since Friday morning but took a break tonight to go see Madeleine Albright speak. What a great diplomat she is, and funny enough to do stand up comedy. I recommend her new book to anyone who is an avid fan of politics and history.

Going to bed now in anticipation of lots more work the rest of the week. Maybe I'll get a day off over the weekend!
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