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kitty smell

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I'm new here, so first I just wanted to say hi to everyone, and thanks in advance for helping me.

I have 2 questions: is there anything that can help with cat litter odor, or any suggetions of how often to clean it, I use the clumping , scented litter from Petsmart, and i have 2 cats and scoop it once a day and empty it completely and bleach the box once a month, and it still has a smell to it.

And I have a male full grown cat and i have the largest cat litter box i could find with a lid, but he still manages to back himself to the back of the box and pees, and some gets through where the lid sets on the box and gets on the floor... any suggetsions... thanks
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Hello and welcome to the site
I would try scooping the box twice. I usually scoop mine about 3 or 4, but we have 8 cats. I also have a problem with one of my kitties missing the box, no matter what size I get. They back up close to the side or stand on the edge. Where the boxes sit, it is a tile floor, so there is not that big of a problem cleaning it. You may put some newspaper under the box, to help absorb any urine that misses the box. Another thing, is your male neutered? If not, he is more than likely spraying somewhere and that can have a very strong odor.
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I also want to welcome you and your cats on this wonderful site .

I also would recoment you to get your male neuter if not done already . It may help you if you would at least scoop twice a day and clean the litter box once a week . With bleach and warm water . Also a 2nd catlitter box may would help , some go to poop in one box and use the other to peepee in .
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thanks for your advice. i have decided to scoop the litter 2 times, and clean it all the way out more often, but how much litter do you suggest that i put in the box?? and yes my male is neutered, but he still has characterists of a tom cat, if he smells another cat (other than the female we have) on any thing he will mark his territory, so i have to be very careful about when i come home after visiting friends w/ cats.
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Hello ms677!
Amber and PurrfectC have given great suggestions. I also would recommend Arms & Hammer Cat Litter Deodorizer. It helps minimize the odor you are talking about.
In regards to how much litter to put, I put about 3 inches deep. I believe though that the rule of thumb is at least 2 inches.
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The Arm and Hammer cat litter deoderizer works well, but if you read the label, the main ingrediant is baking soda and the rest is fragrance. So, to save money, just buy some baking soda and put that in the bottom of the litter box, it does help.
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We need to switch back to the Arm & Hammer because it
works great!
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I highly recommend this little machine here. For the price and the size it does a job on powerful smells. I run one in my cat room, and have for months, it really does make a difference.

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That ionic purifier works that well? Where do you put it..by the litter box or anywhere in the room?
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You can put it anywhere in the room, or if you have a covered litterbox, it has a way you can attach it to the roof of the cover underneath. It is so quiet the cats aren't bothered by it at all.
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Quick question about the ionizer - do you use it plain or with the scent added? I'm considering one for our house, and am uncertain about how the scents would affect our cats' use of the box, but would like maximum odor control.

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You might want to switch from a scented cat litter to an unscented one. I've found that sometimes the scents smell really bad once they get wet causing some of the weird odors. It couldn't hurt to try
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I only use it plain. I ran the scents in a unit one time and didn't like the results-so I figured the cats wouldn't like it either.
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Thanks, MA.
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