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How well do your cats remember?

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O. K., for background- last fall, we did some renovating in out living room, new sheetrock, paint, carpet., etc. on Sunday night after the carpet was installed on Monday, we had some bad weather, including a tornado that passed less than a quarter of a mile from our mobile home. It took down a lot of trees and moved our mobile home over about four feet on one end. Now normally when it gets stormy, we take the cats and head for safe territory, 'cause I DON'T intend to ride a tornado out in a mobile home. This time, for some ungodly reason, we left the kitties. They were all fine, just a little traumitized.
Fast forward a year. We had a leak in the guest room (partially due to last years storm) that caused some major damage. So, we just finished redoing the sheetrock, putting down new vinyl floorcoverings, etc. Kitties have been nervous while this was going on. Today we are looking at the possibility of severe weather and (hopefully no tornadoes) the kitties were going NUTS this morning !
They never paid too much attention to it before last fall, but I swear that they remember what happened! What do you think?
BTW, my sister-in-law has one of my kittens that rode out the storm that night, and she says he panics everytime it comes a thunderstorm!
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Well, I think anyone who only brings out cat carriers when a trip to the vet is in order knows that cats have a very good memory as the cats immediately go into hiding...

I think they do remember... and for a long time. My sister had cats that were afraid of strangers but were okay with me. I didn't see them for over a year, but when I did see them again they weren't afraid of me as if they did actually remember me.
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I think they remember very well. I used to have a female cat named Ginger. She has been at the rainbow bringe now for many years. She would hate going to the vet so much, that she would pant and her ears would turn pink. One winter, we had to pay a visit to the vet with Ginger quite a few times. After she was better and no longer had to go to the vet, that cat would run and hide every time I put on my winter coat, the same one I put on when going to the vet with her. I even brought the coat out in the summer and she ran and hid. Amber seems to get very wild a day before we have stormy weather.
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well, my cats remember their baths and trips to the vet well... they know very well when i take off their collars, they would run and hide cos they hate water.... and they remember how helpless they are in the bathroom....

they know for sure that they are going to the vet when I take out their medical cards... the green ones.... meow meow would gladly jump right into the carrier but boy boy remembers how his powerful nails were cut by the vet.. he hates going to the vet....
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