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strange the way things happen....

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Well I have had today off from work - have done some house work (washed windows, kitchen floor, vacced through, washed car and cleaned it) and generally gone through the list of jobs that I was asked to do.
I went into one of the spare rooms and I sat looking at the keep fit equipment that I have and unfortunately, have not used in a few months. Work and poor health etc have meant that have had no interest at all. I squared up round it all and wiped it clean, then decided that it took up too much space.
Tried packing it away but a excersise bike, 120 kilos of weight, an ab bench and a multi gym is hard to disguise. So I figured that I had no use for it any more. Its all immaculate condition.
I called the RSPCA (where Vicki was for 6 years before we got her and we had 2.5 great ones with her until earlier this year). I heard on the drums that they are having an open day this weekend and would like some stuff to sell. I offered it - would even deliver it to them.
Anyway, the open day is not until the weekend, and they now have it all. However, one of the staff wanted a weight bench etc and said he would give a pound per lb in weight, then he took the bench and the abdominal thing. Whilst I was unloading it he went to the bank and the last I heard that he had bought the lot bar the bike. That already has a home with another member of staff who has paid for it as I took it out of the car.
They must have raised a nice little packet for the centre as they are trying to get a field for the animals ti run in etc and I guess if it got another couple of hundred quid nearer - then so be it.
I gave Vicki a home from them when no one wanted her - nice to give something back that they benefit from even more. Strange the way things happen.
Hope you are having a good day. I am now nursing a bad back from all that lifting - however, will raise a glass to my dear departed Vicki tonight in her memory.
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Awww, kev! What a fitting tribute to your Vicki! I'd help you raise a glass but mine will be something diet, (I'm diabetic and cannot afford the extra carbs). You brought tears to my eyes once again!
Love ya !
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Kev, that is a lovely tribute to Vicki, and a very generous gesture. I'm sure you've helped many cats for years to come with your donation.
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Kev you also brought tears to my eyes , having just lost one of my cats brought back the pain . I think you did a wonderful thing giving away all the weights to a good cause . I am sure Vicki enjoy what you are doing .God bless you Kev
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I raise a glass to both you and Vicki. God love you!
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You are truely a great man! I will also raise a glass (of coffee) to you and your sweet little Vicki! You deserve a pat(lightly) on the back! You are fantastic!
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Originally posted by jugen
You are truely a great man! I will also raise a glass (of coffee) to you and your sweet little Vicki! You deserve a pat(lightly) on the back! You are fantastic!
Awww shucks - I did not do it for thanks. I accept that my days of body building are now gone due to limited time and that most things in my body are heading south inc waistline! I figured that there was at least a source that could use the stuff and make a few ££$$$ out of them - let some of the cats benefit from the cash - as well as other animals - at the end of the day- as my mum used to say before she quit speaking to me in august - a few days after Vicki died, they are all gods creatures. If it helps pay the medical bill of one - then its worth it.

If you lot keep saying these nice things, I may just break into a purr, start paddling and drooling and curl up in front of the fire.
Its amazing how good I feel from doing what I did though - kinda warm inside.

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hey Kev,

that's a beautiful thing to do.. Vicki will be glad too that you did that... boy, i miss vicki....
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I just wanted you to know that I was so touched by what you did that I went out, bought a few cans of cat food and brought them up to our shelter today. That made me feel almost as good as when I read what you had done. Your wife needs to give you a fantastic back rub tonight.(purring allowed, but keep the drooling to a minimum! LOL!)
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Vicki was so lucky to have a daddy like you. And she is very proud of you for what you did I am sure...I think her and Merlin are having an affair now! *raises glass* *hugs*

(I lost my Merlin on May 6th)
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