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I'm scared to ask!

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Okay, lemme explain.

After I exchange the old litter for new fresh litter in the litter box all of my three boys must 'use' it immediately.

One thing I've noticed is that Sebastian and Jake get right in and right out. However I typically end up waiting about 5 minutes for Drew. He will stand in the litter box for about 5 minutes before he pees, and when he does it is a small amount.

I've only recently noticed this. I've never ever had any type of medical problems with any of my boys. All three of them are almost 3 years old.

I'm a bit concerned about this. He never seems to be uncomfortable any other time, and he doesn't seem in any pain even while 'trying' to pee. He just seems to take a while to pee.

I'm worried he may have FLUTD (I just looked it up, had no idea what it was before). However, I'm not sure, and I *really* can't afford a vet visit. Although I think I'm gonna have to fight with Craig and pull one of those "Silent treatment.. I'm sleeping on the couch.. " type things until he agrees that we can take him and brothers to the vet.

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Truthfully you should be more scared to resist vet treatment than you should be to ask this question. Urinary blockage is LIFE-THREATENING !!! so any time it is even slightly suspected, a vet visit is in order.
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Please go to the vet with your cat to see if there is anything wrong . It may be nothing at all , or just a little infection to treat . But it sounds like your cat is straining to peepee . All it may take is some antibiotics to treat . But you need to go in order to see if your cat has something or not . As Jen said it could be life threatenning for your cat .
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I think 5 minutes is a pretty long time to stand in the box before peeing Poor guy.. I hope you can convince a vet visit.
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I would go to the vet ASAP, just to be sure there is no blockage. A few of my girls have to do the same thing, even when I just scoop. They run to the litter box and have to be the first ones in but, they never take long to go. Please take your boy to the vet.
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Please take him to the VET - Urinary Infections in Males can be Fatal !!!
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I spoke with Craig last night. I told him about all the different things it could be, and then I told him why it was important that we looked into it. Even if it was a minor thing.

He said "It's gonna cost an arm and a leg but if it could be something life threatening then they need to go. Call around and see if you can find a good vet with a fair price and make an appointment for all three boys to get checked out."

I about jumped for joy I was so happy I didn't have to fight to get him to agree. So now I'm looking around my area for low cost vets.
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Good luck Cass, it sounds like a UTI to me. Let us know what the vet says?
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Craig is a good Man - he must really care about those babies!!!

Please keep us in the loop!!
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Wow that's cool! I'm surprised you're going to bring all 3 though .. I was under the impression that you knew which cat for sure was having the problems.. but I'm sure it wont hurt to get them all checked!
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Got News?????
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Not yet, we have to wait until Monday.

I'm hoping to get them in before Thanksgiving. We are flying out to Texas.

Sicy, we are taking all of them in for check ups, and Drew in for the urinary problem.

One question.. what are other signs of UTI besides difficutly urinating? I know cats hide pain very well, although I have heard that cats with UTI are pretty adamant about letting everyone know they are in pain.

Either way these guys go in this week if possible!
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Just speaking from experience...

If it weren't for our persistent litterbox monitoring, we would have never known that our Sydney had a UTI. She was perfectly normal except in the litterbox. Some cats will show more sypmtoms though, blood in urine, visiting frequently, straining, loss of appetite. Good luck with your kitty.
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I'm glad you are getting your baby to the vet, but will offer some hope that he is well and just quirky. Sage and Dakota have to follow me around from box to box each night when I scoop. Dakota jumps in, pees and waits until the next box, where he jumps in and gets in the way. Sage jumps in and stands there till I kick him out - he rarely pees, nor does he even squat to try, just compelled to stand in the litter box when I scoop. Since they both came from a shelter, who knows what they went thru before they came to me.
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Dear Cassandra,

I see that you live in California. There are organizations that might be able to help you with the Vet bills. I know that when I lived in San Diego I got some help.

My oldest cat Clyteamnestra suffers from a cronic urinary tract infection. She is on long term antibotics. I have two Petmate Fresh flow fountains and I use distilled water. That has seemed to help.

I hope this helps.

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