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Spaying/Neutering and Vaccinations

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3 questions:

When is the best time to spay/neuter? When is it too late?

How much do vaccinations run around? I just want to be prepared when the vet gives a figure.

Any advice on good books to get for a newbie to the cat world? Even after doing research I realize there is so much I still don't know.. And I don't wanna be a pest asking all these questions lol.
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The new natural cat is a great book for new cat owners.

Vaccinations are around $15-$20 for distemper and around $20-$25 for rabies. Depending on the sex of your cat, fixing can be anywhere from $40 - $100.

It is never too late to fix your cat. But some vets will do it as young as 8 weeks and others won't do it until they are at the end of their 6th month. You can find out exactly how much your vet visit will be by calling ahead.

I called a few places and found out how much the examination fee would be...you will have to pay this no matter what, just for the vet's time. Then as specifically how much the distemper and rabies are. The receptionists are used to being prices. See who is the cheapest in your area and try them out. IF you don't really like the vet, then switch next time!

Congraduations on your new baby
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Welcome to the site and congrats on your new kitty
It is never too late to have them spayed or neutered.
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I choose to go to Banfield the pet hospital with both my kittens. I choose them because you can get on a kitten plan where you pay $100 then you pay 20 a month so it comes to 340 a year. While for that you get all there shots, and the spay or neuter, Also all the vet visits are covered in that. All you need to pay is the medicine and you get like a 10% discount. With both my babies being so sick they have only been going for 2 months and it has said I have saved $600.00

There are 22 locations in Arizona, at our vet there are 4 different vets to choose from I love 3 of them and hate 1 of them. I told the girls in the front to make a note in my file I never want the one doc again. She did not ask me any questions about my kittens just started belittling me because my kittens where in such bad shape(which was actually good for them)She assumed I was not taking care of them and that they got fleas as a result of me not where they came from.

Here is the kitten plan
Read it over it is a neat little plan.
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Although I don't use Banfield Pet Hospital myself, they are attached in my area to PetSmart. I think PetSmart is great. They have a wide variety of everything the pet owner would need, in all price ranges. You can also find a selection of books there. (or try the public library)
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Hello neighbor! I go to Banfield too. They are so great there! Very nice and genuine people. I have one cat on the plan and am not sure about the other yet. I am still weighing whether I should or not since I am now out of work.
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I highly recommend if you have a kitten or young cat Amy Shojai's book Complete Kitten Care. This book has everything you ever need to know about raising a kitten and bringing it into adulthood.

It is never to late to spay and neuter an animal, and your best bet to find the good prices is to call your local animal shelter and ask what vet they use? Normally that vet clinic will keep shelter prices in their office which makes procedures lower than a normal clinic.
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