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I posted here about a week or 2 ago about a kitten that was found on my kitchen door step, and my mom is letting me keep the cat. Unfortunately the cat is now in heat becuase it rolls around on the ground purring and stretching. I am going to have the cat spayed and its costly along with vaccinations. I live in nyc and the costs range from 71 to 280 for having the cat spayed. Does anyone have any suggestion for me? Im working part time as a lifeguard but i still would want to find a better solution. I read about "The Animal Mutki" program and i think they do it free and also "Muffins Certificate" which is 41 dollars and covers some fees, besides that are there any better solutions?
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You can follow this link:

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We have compiled a pretty comprehensive Low Cost Spay/Neuter Resources at Save Samoa .
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Congratulations on keeping the stray cat. You might want to try the ASPCA or the Humane Society in Manhattan for low-cost or free spay/neuter of strays - see this post: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...586#post340586
I think the ASPCA van will also do free spay/neuter when it comes around to each borough - call them for more details.

Will you be able to keep the cat as indoor-only?
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Im going to have to keep it inside after the operation because i dont want the cat to get hurt, but after that i am going to have to leave it outside in the tent at night, i put alot of towels and insulated the tent so it should be fine for the winter its warm in there. I called up the Humane Society today and made an appointment but its January 6, and im afriad the cat might be pregnant already. It was in heat the past few days and she seems do the meowing less today. There is another cat out there that i think is male and im afraid she wont last till january. Any suggestions? Most of the vets here are booked and i have to wait at least a few weeks. I dont want to kill kittens if she starts to get big.
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Could you just keep her inside until her appointment to have her spayed? Also I don't know where you live, but that also depends on the mating season....I may be wrong because I am no expert, but if you live in the US..the mating season is over for now.

I guess that would depend on where in the U.S. you live, though...here in Iowa...mating season is over, but in warmer states it may not be...we would have to check with our resident pro...Hissy.
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