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Brenda's Rescue and Rehoming Service , Australia

Her quest is to rescue and re-home stray cats, reunite lost cats with their owners, and restore to good health cats that have been neglected or abused.

Brenda provides a cat rescue and rehoming service in the ACT. She is supported in this by the ACT Cat Alliance Inc .
Click here for some photographs of rescued and rehomed cats.

She started doing this in 1992 in the UK. Since arriving in Canberra she has provided a temporary and sometimes permanent home to many stray, unwanted or abandoned cats.

All adult cats are desexed prior to leaving her care. For kittens under 6 months old (We now have compulsory desexing for all cats born on or after 21 June 2001 or you pay a one off fee of $250 per cat), She checks whether the prospective 'servants' intend to desex. If they do not then they do not get a kitten. There is a bumper sticker, which reads 'Dogs have masters, Cats have servants'. Anyone who has ever had a cat would agree - you never own a cat.

She has domesticated several suburban wild cats that have since been adopted. (All except 2 who stated that she was their servant).
Her rescue and rehoming service provides an alternative choice for people. There is no time limit on a cat’s stay. The only limit is the number of cats she can feed.

Brenda runs her service in Canberra, Australia. She can be contacted on 61 2 6288 1219 or by email through the ACT Cat Alliance