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Surgery tomorrow

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My surgery is tomorrow at 9:00 am. I'm supposed to lay flat for 3 days so I may not be posting much. Please send me healing vibes and it might not hurt to send the surgeon some vibes too!
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***HEAL**** ***HEAL***

I hope you recover quickly!!!

Good luck! Don't forget to flirt with the nurses
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Sending tons of *healing vibes* for tomorrow's surgery, and for the surgeon to do his job well.

As soon as you're able to, and the doc lets you, please let us know how you're doing, ok?
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Ohhh Major healing vibes from me Tammie!

Flirt with the nurses? Why not the doctors?
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I hope you recover quickly! Best of wishes

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Sending all the good vibes that the boys and I can send. You take real good care of yourself We want to see you back on here real soon!
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Tomorrow is your sinus surgery, right? Mine is on Wednesday
Good luck... I hope everything goes well!
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Sending smooth surgery and speedy recovery vibes your way!!!

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Praying for a save surgery and a quick recovery
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Sending mega healing & good vibes your way!
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I hope all goes well with you and that the surgery is as quick and painless as possible.

I'm mega afraid of surgery and needles and anything doctor related!
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I hope it all went well for you Tammie! And good luck tomorrow Tigger!
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Wishing you a fast recovery!
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I wonder how mzjazz2u is?
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sending prayers and good vibes your way :hearts2:
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Originally posted by Tigger
I wonder how mzjazz2u is?
This will be quick because if I stay up too long my nose starts bleeding really bad again.

I'm doing ok. Very tired and definitely make use of pain killers. My face and nose is very swollen and shiney. The worst part, believe it or not, is that my mouth is ungodly dry.

I guess the surgeon pulled some big ole thing out of one of my sinuses. Maybe one of those cysts he was telling me I had?? I'll find out tomorrow. He talked to Rashid but of course Rashid's English isn't the best. Oh, and my anesthesiologist was one of my nieghbors. Very nice guy and he toook good care of me.

Ok... I must go lay down
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Just wanted to add that Peaches is taking good care of me. She knows mommy needs help, I swear. She stays right by me and most of the time will lay quietly on my chest purring really loud. Jake is the guardian of the other end. He stays down by my feet.
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I'm so glad to hear everything went well! Prayers for a very speedy recovery!!!! *HUGS*
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It's good to hear an update, and I'm glad everything went well! Sending *Many fast healing* vibes your way. Get well soon!
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I am glad the surgerie went well . I will pray for healing now
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I'm glad the surgery went well. Stay flat so you recover quickly.
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Wow mzjazz2u... I am so sorry I didn't see this thread sooner. I am glad that the surgery went well for you - I'm sending healing vibes your way! Now go lay down ya hear?

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I'm sorry I didn't see this thread sooner, as well. I hope everything went well. It will be really nice for you to no longer have breathing problems.
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Glad your surgery was fine, hope you're feeling better soon.
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Oh no I didnt see this before

Hope you're doing ok Tammie!!
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Glad to hear the sugery is over Mzjazz. Hopefully you'll be up and better than ever soon.

Good Luck,
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