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Cat trying to kill the kitten???

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We've had our 6-month-old kitten Tiki (5 lbs.) with our older cat Lexington (aka "Kiddan") (13 lbs.) The two get along OK in normal circumstances. She occasionally harrasses him to play. Sometimes they'll wrestle; it gets rough and we'll break it up.

Well lately, Lexington has been growing increasingly overstimulated and agitated whenever Tiki is around. It's particularly worse when she's playing and he's watching her. He'll jump on top of her, envelop her and start biting her stomach or back. Someone will start making noise and we'll break it up. I used to think he wasn't using his teeth or he would have killed her by now; but now I've caught him biting.

They normally walk around OK with each other. It goes from complete indifference to him looking like he's killing her. Neither has scratching, swatting or hissing as part of their behavior.

We've seen this type of aggression in the older cat before: if we use our lips to blow air toward him (we don't tease him - we just figured this out by coincidence) he goes into "psycho cat" mode and goes from being a sweet, loving cat to being an intent attacker that won't back off.

What's the story? I usually break them up with a "Ssssssst!!!!" or by blowing spray air (not at them - the sound scares him off), and rarely a water bottle.

He's so much bigger than she is and so completely aggressive and overwhelming, I feel like he's on his way to biting through her chest.

I was hoping the behavior would slow down as Tiki gets older; it seems to be getting worse.

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Is Lexington neutered and Tiki spayed? If not that could be your problem right there. Tiki is right at the age for her hormones to be kicking in. If they are both unaltered, I would suggest seperating them until at least Tiki is spayed (and keeping her indoors to avoid neighboring tomcats), so you don't end up with a pregnant cat.

If that is not the problem, I suggest seperating Lexington for short periods of time whenever he acts up. In addition, make sure he has plenty of toys and chews.

If that doesn't help maybe someone else has some suggestions.
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