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Cat magazines?

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I was just searching the web for magazines & found a site called www.magazinecity.com .
They've got lots of animal magazines & I'm not sure which cat one I should purchase. There's Cat Fancy (which seems pretty popular) & Cats and Kittens magazine.

Has anyone read the magazines before & is it worth the money? They're pretty cheap too...both are under $15. But the Cats & Kittens mag is only 6 issues, where Cat fancy is for 12. Money wise, it's smarter to go with Cat Fancy.

Any opinions on them? Thanks!
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I really like Cat Fancy and they have a great wegsite too! I'd go for that one!
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I would like to read the Cats and Kittens magazine-but I know that Cat Fancy is great. I have bought a few of that magazine when at PetSmart, and I think that magazine even has a website: www.catfancy.com and it's own forum board!
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I subscribe to Cat Fancy - I like looking at the cat pics, and ads for new cat things to buy I dislike a few things about it, but overall it's ok.

Don't want to get into the dislikes, you want more info, just PM me.
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I only see 3 cat magazine there . I got Cat Fancy and very happy with that one . I did check into the other ones I think at pets-mart or a book store , nut sure of that now . I did not like the others to much , it seem it had more comercial and breeder cattery in it . If you want a reall good magazine with out comercial (sp) I would recoment Cat Watch magazine or Catnip magazine , they are very infomative about resurch (sp) in sickness and treating and also how to treat some sickness in cats . They also make some test in cat food and toys and stuff like that . I got all 3 magazine and would recoment all 3 to you . Good luck in finding the right one for you .
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Thanks for all of your suggestions. I just happened to stumble across that site & noticed their prices were a lot cheaper than others I've looked at. As for lots of animal magazines, I wasn't really meaning just cats but all animals in general. I didn't even realize there were so many different animal mag's out there. I think I'm leaning towards Cat Fancy right now, but still not sure.

I did get a great buy for my "girlie" magazines! I just got Glamour for $16! Sure beats buying it at the Grocery Store!

Thanks again everyone!
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I read Glamour when I can afford it. I wish the libarary at work carried it. The only good one there is People. (gavernment buildings!!!)

I like Cat Fancy, but I've glanced through Cats and Kittens. I bought one cat mag last week about pure breeds and all that. I've decided the next cat I want is a Bengal. They as so beautiful!!!
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Hope I'm not to late for advice. I read Cat Fancy and I love every issue! I also used to get cats and kittens but they told me that it was discontinued so they put the money I sent to renew my issues towards cat fancy and now I have it coming until 2008! LOL!
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magazinevalues.com has cat fancy for $9.97 Cats and kittens for $14.97. I love cats for $9.97.

magazine values
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My favorite is Cat Fancy
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