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Want Your Kitty to be Famous?? (TCS Cookbook)

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In order to make TCS Cookbook a little more personal, we are making a special offer to TCS Members.

We have a lot of "white space" in the cookbook that is just dying for some kitty pictures! Wouldn't it be cool to give the cookbook as a gift and be able to say - "Check out page 57 for my kitty!"

We invite you to submit photos of your cats for inclusion in Cooking with Cattitude. The original idea was to be able to make a special tribute to Rainbow Bridge cats, but with the volume that the cookbook has become we are accepting pictures of any of the cats who have stolen your heart.

Please send good quality pictures to heidi@savesamoa.org . Please put "TCS Cookbook Pics" as the subject line. Please include the name of the cat(s) in the photo, as well as if it is a tribute to a Rainbow Bridge cat. Please remember that these photos will be sized down for placement into the cookbook, and printed by (hopefully) hundreds of people around the world. Please make sure that your photo is clear and good quality so everyone can see your beautiful fur-baby!

We are shooting for a December 1 release, so time is of the essence here. I would appreciate if I could get these in by Friday, November 28 so that I have the weekend to put together the book and have it ready for release right around December 1.

Never heard of TCS Cookbook? Check out our most recent announcement thread here and how it all came about here. The cookbook will be available to download for a $5 donation directly to The Cat Welfare Society of Israel, right around December 1. Makes a great gift!
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Oh, I can't wait! The hard part is going to be picking out 2 pictures.
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Bumping with a lot of edits to the original offer! Please read!!!
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Too bad i don't have a digital camera
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Also if anyone has any pictures of their cats in the kitchen or around kitchen utensils, human type food etc- would you send them to me? I am getting ready to do up the Meow Page and I need some visuals. Kichen themed kittens would be great. I need a total of 6 photos send them in jpeg format please, no zip files or GIFs. Send them to maryanne@thecatsite.com and just put on the subject line cookbook- so I don't mix them with the other photos I get for Meowhoo or Caption This
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Zoey is on her way
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Oh my, which ones do I pick of them standing on the kitchen table?!?!?
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I'll have to have Stardust take some more pics of
my furbabies with her camera til i can buy one
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That would be great Chelle!

I also have a bit of a change....again! (Sorry!)

For those with multiple cat households, if you want to send pictures of more than two of your cats that would be fine. With the time crunch, I want to make sure I have enough pictures.

The only thing is that if I get a huge response from a lot of members, I may not be able to include every picture sent. I will definitely try to include pics from each person, but depending on how many I get, each picture may not be included.
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How large should the pictures be. I'm sure you probably want me to size them down a bit, right? The full size might be too big for email.
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I already send some pics , but down sized .
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I think 480x640 (or there abouts) is plenty big. As far as I know I don't have too much of a space limitation on my email box, so if you want to send bigger ones feel free.

THANK YOU to everyone who has sent photos so far! These pictures are great - so adorable, and great quality pictures. I can't wait to see how they all look in the cookbook!

I need more, though - so everyone who can, please send them in!
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I'm going to go through my pictures tomorrow if I have time. They will definitely be in before the 28th though. I'm so excited!
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Did my pictures make it? I had the worst time with email last night when I tried sending them.
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Yup, I got them Hope. And they are great pictures too!

Keep 'em coming everyone!
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I have send you a lot more , did you get them all ? You want me to stop now
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Sent 3 pics of 2 kitties. Please let me know if they didn't make it since I know my email has an upper limit for outgoing and incoming messages.
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Got the emails from Hedi and Ericka. I can't tell you all how wonderful all of the photos I have received are!!

In case anyone else is wondering if their photos made it to me, I have gotten pics from the following:

Mary Anne

Again, if you have multiple cat households, or if you have Rainbow Bridge kitties that you would like to include the two photo limit doesn't necessarily apply. Send them all!! I would much rather have too many photos to choose from than not enough. (If I do have too many, I will make sure that each person who has sent photos has some included, but may not include all photos that each person has sent. I hope that makes sense!)
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I have a lot of pictures of my cats. What format do you want these pictures in? JPG ?

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Actually I can deal with just about any format that you have them in. JPG or GIF would be preferred, though.
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Thanks sooooo much for the reminder.
I will definitely be submitting pics of George. Can I submit pics of my mom's deceased cat as well? I would like to give her a book for Christmas. Can those who've lost more than one cat submit more than 2 pics (total)?
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Originally posted by George'smom
Can those who've lost more than one cat submit more than 2 pics (total)?
Yes, definitely! Each person may submit as many cats as they would like.
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Bump for the afternoon/evening crew.
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Heidi, I tried to send you one of Merlin, but will have to try later because my e-mail isn't working right for some reason tonight. I do want to include one of Merlin, though!!!!!
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I love this pic! My little Koko (turned 7 months old on Saturday) posing for the TCS cookbook...
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Originally posted by Momofmany
I love this pic! My little Koko (turned 7 months old on Saturday) posing for the TCS cookbook...
To be sure!! That's a keeper! What a sweetie!
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Amy that is SUCH a cute picture!! Did you send that one to Mary Anne for the Meowhoo Page?

I got more GREAT pictures yesterday. Keep 'em coming!!
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