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switching food bad?

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Does switching brands of food have any benefits, or is it bad? Or does it really matter? Since having amber on Iams for about a year I switched to Nutro. Then after that bag was done I tried the Royal Canin Indoor. Now I have bought a bag of Authority. She eats anything!
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I think you will get a variety of opinions on this topic....
Personally, I like to change brands ocassionally but I do a gradual switch when changing from one brand to another to avoid possible digestive upsets. For my cats I feel that this keeps them from becoming addicted to one specific brand or flavor...I had them on Purina Cat Chow for a long time and had a heck of a time trying to switch brands the first time but now they will eat just about anything I give them with no problem. I also feel that there is no "perfect" brand and if one brand is lacking hopefully the next brand will make up for it.
Just my 2cents
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Swtiching foods is ok, but keep half the old food for three days, then 75%new and 25% old for the next three days and then keep her on the new food. The best food that you mentioned was Nutro...it is better than Royal Canin, Science diet and definitely Iams. I'd recommend the nutro natural care and stick to it if she likes it. It is the next best thing to the mucho expensive stuff you can get from the vet.
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