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Authority (brand)

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Do any of you have experience with this brand of kitty food? I saw it in PetSmart the other day. I looked at the ingredients, and it looks good, no by-products. I bought a few cans for my baby and she loved it! (I don't know that's because it's her first experience with wet food or what ) But I was thinking that I may change her dry food to Authority also. She's currently eating Precise, a brand from the pet shop I bought her from.
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My kittens eat Authority Kitten, they love the chicken and liver. They like the chicken and rice too but like the liver better. I did used to feed them all Authority dry too, but switched to Chicken Soup. I would consider switching them back one day though, if they ever get tired of the chicken soup brand. It's not too expensive like some other ones out there and no by products.
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I just bought a bag. I've never tried it but it looks ok.
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Authority brand is PetsMart's premium brand cat food. It is formulated to resemble Iams and Science diet...it is an excellent choice for food and it is a little better priced too. Definitely not grocery store food.
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