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Are all cats afraid of the vacuum cleaner?

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All except one of my cats is afraid of the vacuum cleaner. Chester couldn't care less if I vacuum all around him. The others all hide in terror whenever I bring out the noisy beast!
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Same with mine. Two are afraid and the other could care less. He just watches me vacuum.
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Once, on The Planets Funniest Animals (on Animal Planet channel) there was a lady who was vaccuuming her cat... it LOVED it... was pretty comical, so I guess there are cats that are not afraid and even like it.
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When the "hoover monster" comes out without me even switching it on, my cats run for the hills!

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I have 3 cats and they are all afraid of the vacuum cleaner.
One actually hides behind the couch for an hour after it is off.
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Mine will only run from it if you move it too close to them. They give it like an 18" limit then haul booty the other direction.
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Three of mine don't like the monster at all. The girls wlll run to the basement and hide until they think they are safe to come out. My one boy just sits and stares at it while it's going and will run if it comes to close to him. My Abby thinks it's like everything around here, something to play with. Goofball!
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My two aren't too afraid of it.

Sphinx will look at the 'moving noise machine' from the dsafety of whatever piece of furniture he is on.

Kuce will also look at it from wherever she is at but if it gets too close she'll bolt to another room.
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Ha!!! Afraid??????

My little 3 month old Tayo ATTACKS the hoover!!!!!
No joke. But he's a terror!, he even tries beating up the big guys in the house!!!
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Hey there -

I'm new to the site and looking forward to exchanging info and stories about our beloved furry babies. My cat Moe, an 8 month old black and white Mach-5 kitty, loves the vaccuum cleaner, the hairdryer and just about anything that makes noise. He thinks it's a big toy for him to pounce on and ride around on WHILE IT'S ON!!! Oh yes, he's crazy. While I've got anybody's attention, any suggestions on how to keep the little dude from jumping up on the kitchen counters? This is what I've tried (and all in vain) - tin foil, water sprayer (plain and with diluted vinegar), "sssscat", lemon juice/grapefruit juice sprinkled on the tin foil to make it sticky, double-sided tape and I'm sure there's more but I just can't keep track of it. My biggest fear is that he'll jump up on the stove (which he's done) while it's on and burn his little feet. Any suggestions?


Stefaroo and Moe, too...

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Stefaroo, Please drop by the New Cats forum to introduce yourself so all of the members can welcome you aboard.

Click here for a thread on stopping the type of behavior you are concerned with. If you have more questions, please feel free to start a new thread so that we don't hijack Luvreggae's vacuum cleaner thread.
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Isabel is scared of the vaccume and likes to hide on the highest place possible. My other cat, Sarah, used to let me vaccume her with the setting on low when she was just small. Now Sarah just follows the vaccume around to make sure it doesn't get any of her bottle rings that she likes to play with.
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both of mine soon as they see me get it out
they take off and hide underneath my bed
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Originally posted by jason
Mine will only run from it if you move it too close to them. They give it like an 18" limit then haul booty the other direction.
Same with mine

My cat ChiChi at my parents house, as soon as you even take the vaccume out of the closet she runs and hides
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Loki is not afraid of it either - he just moves to a quieter or higher spot and watches mom slave away.
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I had a cat once that I actually used to lift up his tail to vacuum around him. Most of mine hop up on something tall until the beast is put back in the closet. The younger ones are more scared than the older ones.
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My kitty's hate the vaccum.. One of them used to jump up on the lounge to watch you, but now she runs for the hills like her big brother.. They hide, but majority of the time they hide and sleep where they went and hid too, so they are usually gone for a few hrs..

As soon as we open the door to where the vaccum is, they know what's coming for them !!

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One of my cats is terrified, the other doesn't seem to care. My bf's cat used to love being vaccuumed.
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