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Kitty Pulling Out Tufts of Hair???

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i've been on a three-day vacation and left Eric alone. He's used to it and get on quite well and so he did this time. To my surprise I found out that he had pulled out large tufts of hair from his sides and they were lying all over the place.
By the amount of them he should have been half bald but his fur seemed OK. He's presently shedding and I wonder whether this combined with his depression due to our absence had made him do this??? Does anyone have any suggestions?
His fur has also changed its colour since he started shedding - I guess you've all noticed how it turns a shade of brownish when it changes. Can my baby be just pulling unnecessary hair?
I was extremely worried but he still looks pretty well, in fact even better than before.
Any suggestiosn will be welcome.
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I have read that cats will pull the hair out of certain areas when they are grooming because it is a trouble spot (they feel like the spot is just not getting groomed right). I have also heard that they will do this under extreme anxiety. Maybe it's combination of both but I feel he was just grooming himself to get rid of troubling fur. Many times while my furbaby Toonces is grooming, I have seen her pull out chunks of her fur. It used to worry me that she did this but then I read that when the behavior is exhibited during grooming that it's just that - grooming. Hope this helps!
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There are several reasons for hair pulling. With what you have described, it sounds like he was suffering from seperation anxiety. I would watch him and see if he stops once he knows you aren't leaving again. If he continues, you may have to try and work with him to help the anxiety.
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While anxiety is probably the best bet, also check if he tends to do this when he is mostly in the house -- many cats are actually allergic to dustmites, just like the rest of us. Outside, they can take on a load of grass mites or get into plants that they have developed an intolerance to. I am sure you have considered flea and tick allergies, and that you keep your cat de-fleaed.....?

I find enourmous amounts of hair in my house (mostly in warm weather when they are trying to get rid of any excess hair or undercoat ), and have to sweep or vaccum every day. Of course my problem is multiplied by 16, with the dogs also leaving their hair about, although they usually shed over a limited time when the first hot weather hits.

If it doesn't go away, it means a trip to the vets, just to be sure it isn't a food problem (allergies, poor food absorption causing a vitamin definciency...).
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Thank you all!!!
Sandie, I'll be watching out for him for sure - it seems to go away now he does it definitely less but he seems to be still nervous - maybe it's because I couldn't pay him the due attention over the weekend.
Catspride - Eric's a strictly indoor kitty and never goes out except on the balcony He's of course deflead and has no ticks. But the dust allergy was a good idea thank you.
Sfell thank you too - I also feel this has to do with grooming and unnecessary hair as it's been getting really hot here lately.
Thank you once again!
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