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Fish-free wet cat foods?

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I suspect Mabel has an allergy, and I'm thinking its from fish though I'm not sure. I know that she's fine with Chicken and Turkey (but hates beef in any form). I had been feeding her some wet stuff (non-premium) that had Whitefish and had noticed she always had lots of dander. I tried switching to premiums, which didn't help at all. I got a couple of cans of felidae and she broke out in scabby sores on her face. The vet said it looked like an allergic reaction to her. I did have her totally on dry food (that didn't have fish in it) for two weeks and her dander totally disappeared. I want to give her some wet food, but the only thing currently that I can find (premium) without fish is Science Diet Beef and Science Diet Turkey (both of which she doesn't like much at all). Anyone know any "fish-free" premiums out there? I checked the Nutro, Iams, Proplan etc at Petsmart and all seemed to have fish in some form.
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Active Life whole-food canned cat foods are a premium food, and several of their flavors contain no fish or fish broth - the beef and liver pate fricassee, the chicken and beef, the shredded chicken

They list all ingredients in each of their foods on their website,

Active Life Pet Foods just click on the list of cat food flavors to see details on each.

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Here are three brands that don't include fish in their canned foods.

You can try Wellness, if it's in your area. They have Turkey, Chicken, and Beef and Chicken in the canned varieties without any fish. Nakita loves it.

Wellness Canned Foods

Wysong carries many canned foods that are designed for cats with sensitivities:

Wysong Canned Foods

Eagle Pack also has two canned varieties without fish ingredients:

Eagle Pack Canned Foods
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Petguard has a rabbit & rice formula and a vension & rice formula without any fish.
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Thanks everyone, I'll check them out
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Nutro also has a wet foods without fish, the MAX turkey& giblets and several of their "gourmet classics".

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