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If you call her Bonnie you may just have to find her a buddy and name him Clyde...


Lol, earlier this year my neighbour adopted one of the other "orphans" that I found at the shop and I told him he should name the kitten "Puss" because he already had a shizsu named 'Boots"  Puss n' Boots lol. He opted for Willow. Ah, well. :lol3:


Noriel is actually what was drawn out of the hat. Runner up was Ashlynn. She actually seems to respond to Noriel, some of the time lol. Actually since she's gotten comfortable we started working on her aggressive playing and waking us up at night. yawn.gif

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She's got such beautiful color - the first thing that comes to mind is "Cocoa". . .enjoy her, she's lovely!

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What is the model or make of the truck or the name of the customer who found her.Possibly that would help you think of a name

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Looks like a sassy to me.

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Noriel is a beautiful name! Enjoy your new family member. :)

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