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Please help or spread the word!

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Hello...I am new to this forum, because I have an emergency. I am the Jack Russell Terrier Club of America Rescue Representative for Michigan. So, of course, I have several JRT's of my own. Two weeks ago my dogs attacked one of my barn cats. I must explain, that I adore my barn cats. Of the 3, each one is sweeter then the one before it. After soundly beating and restraining in the house all dogs I went looking for her. She finally called to me, as she was hiding in the wood pile. I am forever haunted by the vision of her being shook by one of my own beloved dogs. My kitty had severe injuries, including a busted pelvis, and bladder hemorrage. Of course, she was in shock. The hemorraging stopped, but she spiked a fever even while on antibiotics. An ultrasound was done to find she had a hernia of her bowel thru one of the puncture wounds inside. She was operated on immediately, and that went very very well. They were able to manipulate some things within the pelvis to help her to defacate as well. She would not eat however, and has been force fed. She did begin to eat over the weekend...but we have about 2 weeks or so, to see how it all goes. She is not out of the woods. He is letting me bring her home, and she will be in her own room, in a cage until some healing and recovery are underway. If she makes it, after all of this, I realize I cannot keep her. And probably should not keep my other two cats as well...although, it tears me up to think of this!
My emergency, is...I have to find a home for my little Keyton because I have belief she will live. And they tell me, she will be fine and be able to walk normal, etc. if she does. I cannot put her in this danger again. If anyone knows someone who wants a cat that is one of the sweetest in the world, or where I might go to look for a good home please email me. I am going to be administering all of her meds now, and feeding and turning her so she does not lay too long on one side. With all of her problems, maybe this cart is before the horse, but I have faith. To let you know just how sweet she is, the vet did her surgery for a very nominal fee, because he is so taken with her. She hugs him with her little arms around his neck whenever he comes to check on her. Originally rescued by me, when she was dumped off next door to us in our old house, as a tiny kitten. Where she was dumped was a party house that always played terrible death metal music and attracted all kinds of underage riff raff. One night, sitting in my living room, I overheard one of these creeps to say..."That little black and white one?? I threw it so hard, I heard it hit the ground, I think its dead!" and then laugh!!! I knew he meant the little tiny black and white kitten. I slinked out back and skulked around calling "kitty kitty" in a whisper till I heard her tiny meow...and I have never looked back! She is about 9 years old.
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I realize that some people will argue with me here, but cats and JRT's are not a good mix. I know from experience that JRT's have natural hunting ability, that is why they were initially bred. It is quite possible that your cat streaked by and the dogs gave merry chase. I had an incident here this year with a JRT that was owned by the man who brings me a delivery. He brought his dog with him on a delivery, and kept the dog in the truck, but did not roll the window all the way up. I had kittens in the yard, and I questioned him about the wisdom of not rolling the window up more. He said, it was "no problem." All of a sudden, Taz ran across the yard, the JRT saw her, and squealed, and flew out of the window in pursuit of my kitten! Taz ran under the house, and the *well-trained* JRT followed! I heard horrible noises and could do nothing, then out from under the house Taz streaked, and straight up a pine tree that is about 90 feet tall! The JRT was barking and leaping below. The man raced over, kicked his dog several times!!!! Beat him and threw him in the truck! I really got in his face about his treatment of this poor dog, who was only doing what came naturally, following prey. He told me, he brought the dog to "test him out" and the only way he could correct the behavior was to punish the dog while he was in the behavior! Needless to say I threw him off my property and he is not allowed back.

No one has the right to beat an animal. It only instills fear in them, creates aggression and makes for all sorts of problems down the road. Although I feel sorry for your cat because of what she suffered, I also feel for your dogs that suffered as well under your own hand. I hope in the future you can find alternative methods to let your JRT's know that some behavior is unacceptable.
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Hi Hissy,
Don't worry, my dogs got nothing like that. They got spanked and taken indoors for the entire day...with no going with mommy. My dogs, have lived with these cats their entire lives, and although, I understand the breed very well, they are NOT allowed to kill or injure domestic animals. It was a pack frenzy, and was instigated by our Aussie, who darted after the cat first, terriers right behind him. I would never harm my dogs, or beat them like you describe...noone knows more then me, what that will do to a JRT's temperament. Even tho, the nature of the animal is to hunt, which I do with them....they must still be at least somewhat controllable. The proof that mine are, is that the cat is not dead. When Willy realized I was there yelling, and he had a cat in his jaws...he backed away immediately.
However, in spite of my luck up till now...I will not have any more cats, or small animals ever again.
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Well you said after "soundly beating and restraining them" which really gave me a fright, because you do rescue these animals. Had you said, I spanked them lightly on the butt one time, I would have understood that.

I hope you find a home for Keyton- I would ask your vet if he knows of anyone who specializes in adopting special needs kitties.
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Well, it was a sound spanking. You would have to know me, and my choice of words was bad. The terriers are most affected by the shunning, and that is what they really got for punishment.
The fella that brought his jack to test at your house is an assh**e!
plain and simple. Had I been there, I very possibly would have slapped him! What a jerk and to risk your animals is really out of line. That poor dog, he will probably bite someone some day.
Do not think that you can be soft with a JRT however! Stern, quick and clear lines of behaviour are absolutely neccessary. We get lots of dogs to rehab that have been in too soft of hands, therefore, they run the house and everyone is afraid of them. They are an accident waiting to happen.
My method is usually a scruff of the neck and in their face loudly approach, as hitting a JRT is really not a good idea. I could count on one hand how many times I have even spanked one of mine!
So, my "sound beating" involved a lot of noise, and a spank, but mostly my wrath in a form they well understand...banishment from my presence. It is the hardest thing on them of all. And they did not get to do all of their usual weekend fun things because the entire day, they were alone in the house.
Thanks for your advise, I will concentrate on her getting well, and see from there, as I don't know if she will be an invalid in any way.
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