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NEED some QUICK HELP! (Psychology)

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I took a test in psy yesterday and I failed it. I thought I knew the material. But, anyone that has a degree in Psychology or has taken it, or is taking, please help me do a quick review? I have some questions and I don't know how to solve them. My Prof. is out of town this week. Can someone plese help me? Thanks so much!
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Let's see them, I had a couple of psych classes, some things I remember, some I don't.
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lotsocats is a psychologist, she might be your best bet.
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Yep, I'm a shrink! I'm also a college professor who teaches psychology. What's your question?
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she was in the middle of replying awhile ago and just vanished into thin cyberspace!
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Sorry guys, braker downstairs in my office keeps going out. We are getting a bad storm...our first cold front of the season coming in!

Anyway: I have a lot of questions (makes me feel better that everyone else is having the same problems in the class) Here they are (sorry in advance for how long it may be):

1. When 16-year-old Hafez received a large inheritance from his grandfather, he was tempted to purchase an expensive new car. He decided, instead, to deposit all the money in a savings account for his college education. Hafez shows signs of a:
Answer Choices
1. strong self-serving bias.
2. weak id.
3. strong collective unconscious.
4. strong ego.
5. strong external locus of control.

2.Freud's theory of personality has been criticized because it:
Answer Choices
1. underestimates the importance of biological contributions to personality development.
2. is contradicted by recent research demonstrating the human capacity for destructive behavior.
3. is overly reliant upon observations derived from Freud's use of projective tests.
4. offers few testable predictions that allow one to determine its validity.

3. The importance of romance in marriage relationships is most likely to be emphasized in cultures that value:
Response Answer Choices
1. role playing.
2. collectivism.
3. reciprocal determinism.
4. individualism.
5. gender stereotypes.

4.Learned helplessness is most likely to promote:
Response Answer Choices
1. collectivism.
2. unconditional positive regard.
3. an internal locus of control.
4. the Barnum effect.
5. pessimism.

5.Freud suggested that slips of the tongue illustrate an incomplete:
Response Answer Choices
1. fixation.
2. displacement.
3. rationalization.
4. projection.
5. repression.

6.Hillary believes that the questions on college tests are so unrelated to course work that studying is useless. Hillary's belief most clearly illustrates:
Response Answer Choices
1. reciprocal determinism.
2. reaction formation.
3. an external locus of control.
4. the Barnum effect.
5. displacement.

7.During the early psychosexual stages, the id derives pleasure from distinct:
Response Answer Choices
1. gender identities.
2. defense mechanisms.
3. erogenous zones.
4. identifications.
5. complexes.

8.Mr. Pallini, a high school teacher, washes the chalkboard and realigns student desks in precise rows before every class. According to the psychoanalytic perspective, Mr. Pallini is most likely fixated at the ________ stage.
Response Answer Choices
1. phallic
2. oral
3. latency
4. genital
5. anal

9.If we are nervous about our personal appearance after adopting a new hairstyle, we are likely to ________ the extent to which others notice our nervousness and we are likely to ________ the extent to which they notice our new hair style.
Response Answer Choices
1. overestimate; underestimate
2. underestimate; overestimate
3. overestimate; overestimate
4. underestimate; underestimate

10.Saleem seeks sexual pleasure by means of solitary masturbation rather than through sexual interaction with his wife. Freud would have suggested that this illustrates a(n):
Response Answer Choices
1. rationalization.
2. projection.
3. inferiority complex.
4. reaction formation.
5. fixation.

11.American university students are more likely than Japanese university students to describe themselves in terms of their:
Response Answer Choices
1. academic abilities.
2. university affiliation.
3. ethnic background.
4. marital status.
5. gender.

12.The best indicator of a person's level of optimism is his or her:
Response Answer Choices
1. individualism.
2. ideal self.
3. gender identity.
4. attributional style.
5. unconditional positive regard.

I have already taken the test, and these are the ones that I got wrong. I can retake the test, but it is in a different format. Thanks for all your help. I can learn better when faced with answers and comparisons than trying to guess.

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I hope you understand that I can't give answers to test questions. If you need clarification about theories or concepts, I can help, but I don't feel comfortable giving answers to specific exam questions. I apologize for not being able to help with this.
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No no, I totally understand that I can't ask for answers. I just don't understand those concepts from those questions.
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Anybody have any idea? I don't understand these concepts.
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Caprice why not ask your professor? That's why they get paid, and one-on-one explanations have to be better than one over the Internet? Or perhaps take on a tutor from someone in your class?
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As I posted above, my prof. is out of town and doesn't return until next week. And, everyone in the class is having trouble. I thought I would post here since I know some people have taken psychology. Don't have time to go see a tutor tonight. Have to work.
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Hi Caprice,

Would it be possible for you to list the books you've been using for the class, and a summary of which responses you chose for the above questions and your reasoning behind your choices?

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My daughter is a psych major in her 4th year of college. Let me run these by her . . . . probably won't get a reply till tomorrow though.
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Thanks for your responses everyone. I didn't get to take my test last night because Houston and everyone around got flooded out. We haven't seen it this bad since T.S. Allison in 2001. I ended up stranded about 2 miles from my house, and I couldn't walk home because the water was waist deep. Luckily, I had a friend nearby and stayed at her house, but I was so sick last night, I guess it was a stomach virus...I am home from work today, and I will take my test later on in the day after more hours of studying. Thanks! My bug is fine, no water damage!
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