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Monday Daily Thread

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Good morning!

I didnt go to the gym this morning, tooo tired

I had the strangest dream - I dreamed I was living in this apartment building that had lots of strange people in it. And then I went to my bedroom and looked in a mirror and saw another image of myself sitting on the bed. (2 images of myself in the mirror) It was freaky. I kept going back to the mirror to see if it would go away, but it stayed there. *shudder*

I have a volleyball game tonight that I am not really motivated to play. Long, horrible story.

Have a good day.
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G'mornin' everyone. I'm starting to get this sleeping all night thing down pat. YAY!!

It's snowing this morning! We're supposed to get a real dump up in the mountains. I'm just on the way up to the benches so there will probably be a good dusting here too.

Need to call and appologize for missing my pre-op appointment and try to get them to squeeze me in today. Also need to call the vet. I think Carmella has a cold. She's been sneezing alot and just not her feisty self.

Now Hallie is a different story! She's been playing and running around like she's a kitten again. My daughter came over yesterday and she always walks in and finds each of the cats to say hello. She came out and said, "OMG mom Hallie is getting SO much bigger!" I went to look and had to agree! I guess I don't notice it as much because I am with her every day. So I'm going to try to get her to the vet to weigh her today too. Pretty exciting stuff, huh?
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I have a full day of classes today from 10:20am till 9:30pm. Analysitcal studies II, Symphonic choir, Russian Nationalism (Glinka to Rachnaninoff) and Music History since 1900.

Ugh...the joy of being a music education major....

All I want to go home and play with my kitties.
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Had an interesting start to the day. I had to call our Headache Clinic and make an appointment (my migraines are starting to get worse ). The woman making my appointment asked "O'Keefe, are you Irish?" I answered "Umm, yes." She then asked if I wanted free tickets to Finnegan's Wake-it's an interactive play put on at a local pub, where the guests mingle with the actors (who are acting out a wake). It ends up she is one of the actors-how cool is that? I've been wanting to go, but now it looks like I have a great excuse.

Besides that, work work work. How many days until Friday?
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Miserable, rainy day today. Not cold, just damp and yuk.

I cut my finger badly on a book I bought as I was unpacking it from the Amazon box (than heaven for internet shopping - the baby makes it almost impossible to shop for much more than the absolute basics at the real shops . . .) it's just about stopped bleeding - and it's about 6 hours since I did it!!!

Planning hubby's birthday which is on Thursday. I've been trying to see if I can get a caterer to do a 'romantic meal for 2' for us - as going out to a restaurant is out of the question, and the time and concentration needed to plan and prepare a gastronomic delight isn't an option with Dominik demanding constant feeding and attention.

It's a no-goer - obviously not enough money in it, so tomorrow I will phone some up-market local restaurants to see if they can help.
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Well much better weather here than yesterday although it's cold and I didn't want to get out of bed.

We have our musical practical today, I'm playing 8 days a week by the beatles on the Piano! Some good luck vibes would be excellent.

Have a nice day!!
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I had a pretty weird dream too.. It started off that I was back in college and one of my roomates was Ben Affleck. He told me that he loved me but I said I was going to go for a walk to think about whether or not I wanted to be with him. Well it turns out that I go to a river, where there are a lot of people that I know attempting to cross it. Whenver they stepped in, the water parted to let them get to the other side. However I was terrified to try this so I paid someone to build me a bridge, but when it was done, everyone started using it and by the time I got onto it, it detached and started floating down the river with me on it. Ok I am absolutely terrified of water so I woke up freaking out.

Other than that my day has been ok. Still job searching, also did a lot of laundry and cleaned a bunch because I haven't had much of a chance lately. Tonight I may go to the bar with a friend to eat wings and watch monday night football (go steelers, lol, ya right)..

Everyone have a great day
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Signing in late- it's raining here still and we are grateful that it is. I sprained my ankle yesterday and have been icing and elevating the darn thing. I have pain pills, but they make me so loopy I don't like taking them.

Our resident skunk is injured and I don't know how to help him/her. We heard this horrible squeal last night about midnight, by the time I got up to see what was going on, the backyard reeked in scent. There was bloody paw print with huge claws on the concrete- and because of the elongated claws I know it's not one of the cats. Mike believes the skunk got hit by a car and maybe had the paw mashed. But we couldn't get close as we watched it waddle off, we could see it was distress spraying because the oil is so thick. I kept watch during the night, but it never came back to feed. Gosh, I hope I never hear that kind of squeal every again- it was really sad. How do you help a creature you can't even get near? We already know it doesn't trigger the traps, been inside one enough times with no tripping
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Oh Hissy I'm sorry about your ankle. Anti-inflammitants will help better than tylenol. Keep trying with those traps. The skunk is more likely to trip the trap if he/she is injured.

Last night I went to the peeler bar with a girlfriend for some fun and when she drove me home there was an extremely large branch on the yard, across my driveway and leaning on my landlords car (about 20 feet long). A branch fell out of the tree in the big wind storm we had and left a huge dent in the top driver's side corner of their Jetta (luckily it didn't even crack their window). Thank God Darrell had to work last night and took the truck or we would surely have had a broken windshield and dented hood.

We just can't afford a $300 deductible right now. We leave for Mexico in 11 sleeps. Well, Jill can't afford it either, she's got a baby. We'll help as much as we can.

Have to work today...yay. Can you see how excited I am?
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Must have been a night for strange dreams. I don't remember it exactly, but it was something about either our home being a hotel or at least there were guests in it, because I HAD to close the bedroom door. I did actually get up to close the bedroom door, but was at least cognisant enough to leave it open enough for the kitties to go in and out. No wonder Ophelia looked at me like I was nuts when I got back into bed! When I got up this morning I was surprised to see that the door was closed - I though I had dreamt the whole thing!

Mary Anne, I'm sorry to hear about the skunk. No matter how much she bothers you, I know you never want to see an animal suffer.

Is it Friday yet? I'm just wiped out and I don't know why. I better not be getting sick (My supervisor has Influenza - the official one)!!! I don't have time for that - besides my day job (which I can't miss because we are SO busy!), I have a website to completely write, make graphics for and built in two weeks, and TCS Cookbook to get done in the same time frame, and of course updates on Save Samoa and SPA. Do you think I'm spreading myself too thin???? NAH! Oh yeah, I am trying to work on a cross stitch for a Christmas Present too. Haven't worked on that in weeks!
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I had a very busy week at work last week, and rewarded myself with a gigantic shopping trip. Because I needed a new outfit for a couple of Christmas parties. And because I lost enough weight over the course of the past 8 months or so that I dropped a couple of sizes, and thought spiffy new party clothes would be a good way to celebrate. And the woman in the clothing store was extremely helpful and attentive (which she could afford to be, I was buying a lot of clothes), and was so cute. When I told her that I had lost so much weight, she said, Oh, dear, we will miss having you as a customer, we won't be able to help you any more (its a wonderful plus size store, with stylish lovely clothes). I assured her that I would never get small enough to stop shopping there.

And I was obsessing all week over a meeting I had last Wednesday. I sent the meeting chair an email, and got a reply back which I took as very critical, so much so that I was thinking of resigning from the committee that met. And then, when I finally decided that I was not going to get over my hurt feelings, I went to write a letter back to him, offering my resignation, and on second reading, realized that I had completely misinterpreted his first email.

So I learned a valuable lesson; read carefully, in a calm mood, and don't obsess over imagined slights.
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