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The Flu

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I have been up all night, it is near 3am. My oldest son who is 9 has the dreaded Flu and I am afraid to go to bed for fear of him wakin up and not having his nurse hehe. I hate the flu it is so hard to see him this sick.
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Ugh!!! Poor son and mom! I would much rather deal with my toothache then the flu. But the flu is hitting hard here in colorado this season! I hope he feels better! sending him lots of feel good vibes! and lots of Don't get it vibes to you!!! I wish My mommy were in state to play my nurse
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No matter how old I get when I get sick I still want my mommy. I hope your son is feeling better soon and you don't catch it.
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My co-worker and her daughter have had official "Influenza" for almost a week. She's only in the office today because it is pay day and she's the accountant! She looks just terrible. So far no one else in the office has picked it up, so hopefully I will be able to avoid it as well.
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