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New name for new kitty!

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We have decided to change Vinson's name to Magellan. We were thinking of all sorts of names and nothing seemed to stick. We thought of just keeping it Vinson, but I kept trying to think of new names, dont know why.

We chose Magellan because he had already been practically over half the continent! Plus he is always exploring around the house.
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Can't understand how can a name not stick? Won't changing confuse Vinson/Magellan?
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I like the new name and I am sure he will learn it with time.
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I was told it won't hurt to change their name. Especially if they don't come when called, they really don't know their name. I changed my cat's name. Although I haven't worked to hard on her coming when called. But she didn't really respond to her old name either. So
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I like the new name.
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No, he doesnt know his name. The rescue people who got him out of the shelter told his foster mom to pick something starting with 'V'. He was five months then, so he's only had Vinson for two months. I dont think Amber knows her name either. I make kissy noises and she comes! She reacts more to the tone of my voice, really.

He is young, 7 months, so I've got time if I wanted to train him to know his name.

BTW the other names we tried didnt stick with ME. We had come up with all sorts of names, and thought Indiana was going to be it, but I still wasnt sure. But I can look at him and say, 'that's Magellan!'.

Finding the right name is brutal.
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That's a cute name! What will you use as a nick name?

I stuck with the name the foster mom gave Bailey. But she obviously didn't know her name. Now, 9 months later, she does. I taught her by calling her name every time I pat her, or give her a treat. So, I guess she thinks Bailey means, yummy cat treats. But it is obvious that she responds to her name now, and Sam does as well, he comes when he is called.
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The new name is cute.
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I like the new name too, thanks! His nick is Mags. I am starting to call him by his name every time I pet him or talk to him. That sounds like a good idea with the treats!
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Love the name! My first instinct was that you were gonna nickname him Mags!
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That is a very stately name for a very stately cat! Love your new name, Magellan, aka Mags!
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Originally posted by yayi
Can't understand how can a name not stick? Won't changing confuse Vinson/Magellan?
I like the new name. And he's so beautiful! Cats seem to adjust fairly well to new names. I've renamed cats before with great sucess. Carmella was one of them. She is about 5 years old and she adjusted. Really, I think it's more the tone of your voice that they respond to.
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Great name! You have a big thumbs up from me!!
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I liked the name Vinson, but I like Magellan too! I've thought about changing Simba's name - I don't think it really fits him. But I mostly just call him 'kitty' anyway. That's not something I usually do with cats, but for some reason I have called him that from the beginning. So that's the 'name' he recognizes anyway.
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Even though I agree that the do know by the tone of your voice. Oscar and the Sammycat each know there names when called. I can be in another room and just say Sam or Oscar and the right one will pook his head in there.

I do like Mags new name..sounds very regal!
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Thanks guys! I grew to like Vinson as well, but I wanted to name him myself. :rednose: I'm going to try to get them both to recognize their names from now on.
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