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Cat Page ?

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Why can't I make a catpage? Is there a limit on how many people can make one? I would love to make each of my loves a page. Thanks
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Oops, sorry for posting in the wrong place.
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Not a problem! I would have posted I moved you but I had a catfight to break up----

You may not get an answer right away, Anne will be away from the computer for a few more days still. But if you could let her know either here or in an email what you are encountering when you try and make your page, and what operating system you use, that will help her a great deal in figuring out what is wrong (if anything)
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Phew - just finished validating all of the new cat pages. Sorry about the delay!

As for the guidelines - you can have one page for each of your cats. If you have 5 cats you can have 5 cat pages. We sometimes disqualify some pages if they are adverts for selling cats or are empty pages or duplicates for the same cat (and of course pages that are simply not suitable for a cat website).
Hope this helps.
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Thanks Anne, but the problem is that I can't even log in to make a page, I get this error message:
You have an error in your SQL syntax near 's Mom' AND password='70b881b2d92e9bd91343ee0c2818'' at line 1

On the log in page to create a catpage at the very bottom it says this:
Warning: mysql_close(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL-Link resource in /home/www/thecatsite/cat_pages/login.php on line 52
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Please check your PM's - I PM'ed you for some more info.
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I just made one yesterday
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Hi Anne,

I would love to make cat pages for Daisey and Blossom but everytime I try to log in I get this message as well

Error in query: You have an error in your SQL syntax near 's Mum' AND password='0373f4c347fc5e98317f9edf13957e0d'' at line 1

Your help would be greatly appreciated


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Thank you for your PM Corina! I think you may be right and the problem is with the ' in the username. I've emailed the programmer and asked him to have a look. I'll keep you updated as to what he says.

Thanks again for reporting this!
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