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Kitties & Christmas

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Neither Ryelee or Lovey are cord chewers...........yet. I am worried about Christmas tree lights. With my pup I have been told to spray things with Bitter Apple spray to keep her from chewing on something dangerous, does the BA Spray work on cats too?

Hehe I just had a memory come back to me while I was typing this so I am going to share.

One year when I was around 13 my Mom and Dad got me a parakeet for Christmas and Mom hung the cage from a plant hook right above the tree. Our cat Stub (grey manx) climbed the tree needles and all to try and get that bird, well he jumped and was hanging from the cage and Mom's beautiful Christmas tree was on it's side on the floor. We were probably upset then, but this memory just had me LMAO
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LMAO! That is so funny!!
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Corina, Bitter Apple spray is also supposed to deter kitties from chewing on anything that's been sprayed with it, but not all cats will find the taste icky. What I had to do with my normal electrical cords when Spike was a baby (thank god he outgrew cord chewing) was wrap them up in wire loom. It's a plastic tubing that goes over the cords. I got mine from a automotive store, but I think you can find it other places as well... maybe the Home Depot or Lowe's. (Someone has posted where before but my memory isn't serving me at the moment. )
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How do you explain Original Enterprise MIB, to you cats?

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I've never had any trouble with cats chewing cords, but I'm still of two minds as to whether I can trust Fawn (my little "if it dangles I must bat it" sweetie) not to savage the ornaments. We used only lights last year because of this tendency, but she's a year older, so maybe we'll get brave.........
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