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My grandfather

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My gradfather went into a diabetic coma on Friday night. He woke up in a huge sweat during the night, got up to take a glucose tablet and then collapsed on the floor next to the door. The nursing staff only found him the next morning.

He is in hospital now and has come out of the coma but he is not really around. If that makes sense. It is so sad and so awful.

He is 80 years old. My gran died 8 years ago and he misses her desperately. Ever since my aunt and uncle got divorced (he used to live with them) in July, and he went into an old age home, his decline has been so rapid.

I feel so selfish but I just want him to get better. But I don't think that he is going to. When I kissed him goodbye last night, I had this terrible feeling that it was the last time.

I feel very low today. Don't want to be at work. :-(
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Im sorry to hear about your grandfather
prayers and good vibes going his way

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I really do hope that your grandfather gets well soon. I know how that feels.. my grandma missed my grandfather so much and she just declined really fast. I know how you feel. Do let me know if you need somebody to talk to.

praying for your grandfather's speedy recovery
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I am sorry that your Grandfather isn't well. I have been there myself. You are in my thoughts and I am sending prayers for your Grandpa. You are allowed to be selfish because you love him, it is hard to not be selfish in this situation.
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So sorry about your lolo (that's grandpa in my language). My prayers go to you and him! (((hugs)))
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It is always hard to see someone you love suffer , is in pain or in sickness . I know it is hard on you and you love your grandpa so much . Hang in there and make the best out of the situation . Visit him often when you can . I will say a prayer for you and him
((((((HUGS)))))) to you .
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That is really sad. Its always so hard to watch a loved one age and suffer with illness.

I hope he recovers quickly!
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I am so sorry. ((((((((hugs))))))))
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I'm so sorry to hear of this. ((HUG))
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I'm sorry. I hope he gets better.
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Sending up prayers for your grandpa. Please let us know how he is doing.
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I'm terribly sorry, and will keep you, grandfather, and family in prayers. Get well soon from me!
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Sending prayers for your grandfather...

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Sending good wishes to your Grandfather. It's a tough time for you, and perfectly OK to be "selfish" and wish him healthy. Be gentle with yourself, OK?
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Thanks guys.

I have just got back from the hospital - have been there everyday since it happened. My mum and brother have arrived from Cape Town and they are staying for a while.

He is not looking so good. They think that he has a tumour in his abdomen and are now testing him for leukaemia. If he tests positive though - we are not going to put him on chemo. He is 80 years old.

He is so scared and frail. Everytime I say goodbye - it feels like the last time.

Thank god, he is not in pain though (except for where they keep on putting the drips in). That is something I suppose.

Thanks for your thoughts and support guys, it really helps.

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