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A favour..

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Would ya'll please go to our website, enter and let me know how it loads for you?? I put some flash in it and I need some other folks to tell me how it works.



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It works and it looks great.

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Look wonderful! It loaded rather quickly for me Great job!

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Ken, your web site loaded right up in a timely manner. No problems accessing it here!

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Just want to brag a bit for Ken and Sandie since they won't - their wonderful new logo happens to be the profile of their very own munchkin Sam - who, by the way, they adopted from me along with their munchkin Ariel.
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Hey Ken:

I accessed the site via my crappy dial-up {grrrr } The load up time was good.

Then I accessed it from a friend's house over a cable modem: lightning quick.

Excuse me as I go committ hari-kari over the loss of my high speed connection.
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Yup, worked just fine and looked great to me!! Pretty darn quick actually!!
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I love the site, and it loaded quickly for me also, even running a 56k!

I also recently lost my cable modem due to moving and no DSL or cable here yet I never realized how spoiled I was until I had to go back to "primitive methods!"

Anyway, the site looks great, and your cats are beautiful!

Good job!

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I went into the site yesterday morning and I noticed the changes. They look great! I can't wait to see the new kittens! See ya next Saturday!

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It loaded really quickly and looked great!!! I think I already said somewhere that I adore your Munchkins!!!
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Thanx everyone, I needed to know how it would load up and such. Not that Im bragging, but I have a dsl connection so it's herd to get a good idea of load times and stuff. What I was most concerned about was the Flash animation on the Navigation page, but it sounds like its doing well.

Thanks for bragging for me Rene, and since you did, then I can go ahead and tell ya'll that it is indeed Sam who is the new logo (I changed it partially cuz I got bored and partially cuz it's simpler and cheaper to have printed).

He is also the First Grand champion Munchkin ever. I wish I could get that in the log books somewhere. Of course Rene's Munchkin Star Twinkle is VERY close behind. Whenever they show together they go back and forth all weekend, it's fun to watch. Star is a very nice Munchkin!!

Again thanx for having a look!

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Ken, it loaded just fine for me, without any trouble at all. What a nice website!!!!!!
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Thanx Debby!!
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