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I was watching the Discovery channel the other day and I saw this program on Dirty Jobs. In Louisana there is this way of catching catfish that defies description. You wade out into this nasty murky water, start sticking you hand in holes and crevices you find underwater, until something grabs you! Then you pull your hand out and you hopefully have a catfish! It was amazing to see these two men do this and talk about getting slammed in the chest by a 60 pound angry beaver, or muskrat, or finding a snake instead of a fish. I think they should have named the program "What were you thinking?"
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Sounds more like it belonged on the "DUH"-scovery channel!

Honestly, what some people think of as fun boggles the mind sometimes.
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I saw that also, I think those guys are nuts! First off I would never get in that dark water much less let a catfish clamp down on my arm
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YIKES! No catfish is worth that!
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Ouch, mabye if they were wearing leather gloves or something. Doesn't sound like my type of thing anyway.
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Geez, poor guys. What a job. There's also a local program here that highlights odd jobs as a segment titled "Someone's gotta do it". It's a nice way to give some people a pat on the back for having to do jobs others won't do. One guy was really happy and proud of his job shovelling and disposing of ALL the doo-doo at a local zoo. You should see the elephant doo-doo. But then there was the guy who had to clean the portapotties. Phewwwww!!
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Here in MO my husband used to talk about doing that. They always hoped to get the fish and not the other way around. They have nasty teeth. Never heard of them getting other stuff but it was entirely possible.
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ROTFL!!! ...I don't like anything besides ME moving in the water. Those two men must be adrenaline junkies or maybe they are plain nuts!!

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They showed the inside of the fishes mouth, and there were no teeth, but what they have is spikey ribs set way back in their mouth, and that is what can hurt you.
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I have enough troubles putting any body part in water I can't see through much less purposely putting it in to let something get a hold on me! Yikes! You should see me in the ocean.
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