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pictures as signature

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I was just wondering how do you make pictures appear in your signature? I'm sure it says it somewhere, but I just couldn't find it.
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Hi here is a link that will tell you how to do that
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Ok, thank you!
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Your Welcome! Have fun!
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Your link should be like this put img inside the first set of brackets [] and then paste the link after that put /img inside brackets[] at the end

your picture will show up then Hope this helps you.
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Well at first I got the url messed up, but it's still not working...
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go back and put the other bracket around img at the beginning of your link at the end of the link take that bracket out there but leave the one that has /img in it. Like I did it in your link.
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You need to put a [ & ] around both IMG's. Also it looks like you've got an extra bracket towards the end. And don't forget the / between the last set of brackets around the IMG.
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Ok, trying again... Hope it works this time.
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Hang on and let me check something about mine.
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It looks right to me. try putting a space right after the []first bracket and right before the last set of brackets. it looks like that is the problem. your baby is a beauty by the way: that link is working.

[img]*25273FB83B90 [/img]
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Are you sure that the site you're trying to link to allows that? Some sites don't let you do that. The URL code & everything looks right to me, so I'm betting it's the site. You could go to & upload your pictures there. I know that they allow it (I don't think they like it, but they allow it ).
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Well it said on the site that they allow it. That's mainly why I went there.
Ok, I tried putting the spaces, maybe it'll work now...
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hmmm still not working the link that I got to post on my last writing has a different url. Go back to where you have the picture uploaded and get the url again. see if that works, if not you will need to go to another website that will let you link from them.
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take out the space after the first bracket set and try again.
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Ok, I tried it on a different website, the one Shell said works.
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Yay it works now!!! Thanks everyone for being patient and helping me.
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Purrfect She is a beauty
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Great Sig! I have to tell you though that remote linking is against imagestation's TOS. Someone from here got an email from them not long ago threatening to close down their account if they didn't stop remote linking. I used to use them too but have since gone to a paid service. Just FYI.

This comes from their member agreement:

3. Member's Privileges and Obligations
The Service is available only to individuals over the age of 13. The Service is not available to corporations or other business entities. In order to use the Service, you must first register as a Member. You agree to provide accurate information, as prompted by the registration form, including an accurate email address where you can be contacted. Each Member is allowed to have only one Membership. Membership is intended for personal use only and is non-transferable. You must choose a password. You are responsible for any activity that occurs under your user ID. You agree to immediately notify ImageStation of any unauthorized use of your user ID or another breach of security in relation to the Service. You may use the Service only for your personal, non-commercial use. You may not take the results from your use of the Service and link to them, or mirror pages from the Site on another website, or create links from other websites onto any area of the Site.
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