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FIP Warning Signs???

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Now that my baby girl has passed away from FIP, I've noticed our 15-month-old male showing signs of UTI (he's making snuffling sounds, trying to clear his nasal passages). I know that he's also had one bout of diarrhea thus far.

I'm absolutely TERRIFIED after losing one cat to FIP. I'm beside myself with worry. It's bad enough losing one, but I feel like I'll lose my mind if my boy developes FIP, too.

Please tell me if these symptoms mean anything at all, or if he's only having a reaction to the Coronavirus and won't necessarily develop FIP.

Thank you,

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Take him in and get him tested so you will know either way. It will at least afford you peace of mind.
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He had a full blood panel done approximately 3 - 3.5 weeks ago; the results at that time were normal for everything.
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Well then you can't test him again, as it is to soon. Keep an eye on him and if he gets worse, then I would take him in. He is current on vaccinations right?
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Yes, he's current on vaccinations. But, at this point, it wouldn't even be wise to vaccinate him for anything, lest this be coronavirus working in his system. Anything that could compromise his immune system, even temporarily, is off limits for my boy until I know more.
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How long ago did your baby pass? I lost one a few weeks ago...the vet told me that the virus can live for up to eight weeks in a household. Do you have any other cats? They can possibly be carriers...

But also remember that kitties get little colds as we do and sometimes they get flu-like symptoms and simply get better on their own. Either way, consult your vet.
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I am sorry for your loss; I know, though, what you're going through.

You'll find that info. on FIP is depends upon the source; so little is known about it. I've been advised to wait a year before bringing another cat into an environment exposed to FIP; one vet said to wait three months; another said I should never bring another cat into my apartment, as the virus could always be lurking. *shudder*

I don't think my male has a cold because he's running a fever off/ on. I wouldn't care if he were a carrier for life; I wouldn't need another cat; I'd happily give him all the love that I have. Still, I'm terrified because he's young enough to develop FIP (he was exactly a year old when our now-deceased kitten came home)--plus, he's related to the kitten who passed; I've read that FIP can tie in with genetics somehow.

I am taking him to the vet for blood work on Thursday (even though he just had one less than one month ago). I've been told by some sources that a blood test so soon isn't worthwhile; others say that I should test his blood twice within a month. I figure that if he's running a fever, some antibody activity may very well show up. I just keep hoping and praying that he'll be able to overcome this nasty coronavirus.
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Please let us know how your baby is! Update us!
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Simon's bloodwork (white blood cell count, protein levels, and liver function) came back normal. The vet said there's still a possibility that he could develop FIP but said he "probably will not." She also said that his symptoms could have indicated a run-of-the-mill URI, though I think the timing of Savannah succumbing to FIP and Simon's symptoms (which are indicative of the body's reaction to Coronavirus) are more than uncanny.

This iffy-ness has me on pins and needles. Not knowing whether or not it would ever be safe to have another cat (with Simon around)... It's so maddening. Still, I give great thanks for his current health status.

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so sorry to hear about your baby girl
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