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No Sunday Daily Thread??

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I've been searching and couldn't find a Daily Thread for today and was shocked! Am I just missing it?

I talked to my attorney today (he's my neighbor so he visited me) and he is hoping to have a check for the rental car and towing charges from Wal-Mart tomorrow or Tuesday.

I have to call the dealership and find out what day they are fixing my car this week. I'm going to be a bit pushy with them because I've waited 4 months for my damn car and I want it!

Tuesday is my surgery. I accidentally missed my pre-op appointment. I thought it was tomorrow but when I looked it was supposed to be Friday. Opps! Have to call them first thing in the morning and see if they can squeeze me in tomorrow.
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Nope you didn't miss it, none was started. High winds and heavy rain here now- yes!! This is the type of weather I love. All the cats are inside and snug either in the house or in the barns. But I do love it when it gets like this, and with our irrigation well dried up, we need this rain! I have Noddy on my lap as I am upstairs while Mike is tearing down my computer downstairs. Brand new computer that is glitching up, so it has to be a software problem that he is chasing.
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Well.. I had a really nice Monday!

Just tucking into some Instant Noodles, a pastrami s/w and a glass of juice!

I hope everyone is having a nice day!
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I know what you mean about the rain and needing it. Utah's resevoirs are almost dried up. And we provide water for some portion of California too. But it sure wreaks havoc on my arthritis! Especially since I can't take anything because of my surgery Tuesday. It's almost over now!
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Worked all day (8AM until 8:30PM) again. Bright and early at it again tomorrow. Maybe I'll get a day off next week. YECH!!
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Its been a slow day, so uneventful that I didnt write a daily thread LOL zzzzzzzzzzz!
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Slow day for me too. Got up, ate, played some video games with my brother, ate, sat around thinking of school tommorrow, ate, and now Im here
I did get my snowboard out though! Snowbird, Brighton here I come, as long as I remember how to use the thing
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My allergies and sinuses have been driving me nuts all day!
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