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Please Help Me!

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Ok I got my website up and running again. And this time I think everything is working. HopeHacker and TTMom have both helped me at different times in this process!

I would really like it if some of you could try it out and tell me how long it takes each of the two pages to load. I'm especially interested in dial-up users. Please let me know what browser/version you're using and how fast your modem is. The website is best viewed with IE5 or higher. Thanks! It's still kind of a work in progress!

Purrfectly Purrsian Family
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I've got a cable connection, and it took maybe 30-45 seconds to load. Not bad, for how many pictures are on it. Using IE 6.0.
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Thanks, that's still kind of a long time. Especially for a cable hookup. That's exactly what I'm looking for though. I may end up splitting up some of those pics on another page or something. Did you try the second page?

Please keep the comments coming!
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Tammie, I have cable also & it took exactly one minute to load all the pictures. I'm betting it'll take much longer for the dial up users. Great pictures though!
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Like Shell & Mom of 10 cats, it took about 40 sec. I am cable connected. Cute kitty pics!
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Cable modem here and IE 6. it took about 45 seconds for the first page to load and about 10 for the second page to load. Great website
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For my dial up it took about one minute for each page for fully load!
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One minute 12 seconds on the first page and 36 seconds on the second page. I have dial up 56K but it is more like 48 and I use IE 6.0.
You did a great job on your site.
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Thanks everybody. I think I'm going to make some adjustments. Maybe I'll have a few pictures of each cat and then a "click here for more Peaches" or something like that. TTMom suggested just having text where the thumbnails are now but I'm not sure how crazy I am about that. I like the idea of having a different page for each cat but it will be a lot more work! <sigh>
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Hey Tamme,

it took me 45 sec to load for both pages with the second one slightly faster... prob due to the number of pics... otherwise, it's a pretty cool page...
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I made some changes including fewer pictures on the first page. Then there are links where each cat his his/her own page. So all the pictures are split onto 7 pages instead of 2. Hopefully it is faster! Can you please try it again?

Purrfectly Purrsian
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The pages took me 1 minute 2 seconds, and 50 seconds. I started timing as soon as I clicked on the link, and Im running a slooow 28.8bps connection. Much improvent on time since the original.
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I think that's good for your modem size! I wanted to make it easier for dial up users. I like everyone to be able to see my babies!
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Yes, I agree my connection usually takes forever (sometimes literally) to load anything with pictures.
BTW I like Jake, cute little cat.
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Originally posted by Cougar
Yes, I agree my connection usually takes forever (sometimes literally) to load anything with pictures.
BTW I like Jake, cute little cat.
Thanks.... but Jake, little? He's my big lover boy! The biggest cat I have!
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Really? For some reason I pictured him as being small. Oh well, im a little off today

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Hi Tammie,

I'm running Opera 7.21 under Windows 98, with DSL connection. The site loaded in no more than 30 seconds, links to the larger images were, for the most part, very quick -- a couple took a few seconds -- I didn't try them all, just a random sampling. Page two loaded in a few seconds. I confess I did not hold a stop watch on the process, but none of the times was long enough to make me think about time.

I also have MSIE 5.5 available and will go check it out with that browser in a few minutes.

Meanwhile, congratulations! It's a good looking site -- and, of course, pretty kitties!

Edit: Have just tried MSIE 5.5 -- just as easy, just as fast. You've done a nice piece of work.
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I think it's loading pretty fast. I have cable. You're doing a fantastic job.
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