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I was wondering if men were allowed on this site too. I'm pretty sure are allowed but was just wondering. I'm asking because I haven't seen any guys on the site.
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Yes, men are allowed on the site as well. I am not a Mod, but I know this because we have a couple of men on here.
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My daughter (just turned 12) was wondering if you people would like her to use capitals or would it be o.k. if she didn't use capitals at the start of her sentences.
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Probably the men don't post as often as the ladies!
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We have a few men on here but the majority of the members are women. As for your daughter using capitals, I don't think it's a big deal especially if people knew how young she was. Hope she enjoys it here!
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Hello Please Listen,

I'm not sure if you are being funny, or just maybe not familiar w/ internet forums.

All members are welcome here, but they MUST adhere to our rules. You can click the red button at the top of any page to read the rules and policies of TCS. You had to accept them when you registered here.

As for your daughter using capitals. Not everyone has perfect grammar or punctuation, so I don't think that anybody would be offended if she makes mistakes. But before she is allowed to post here you need to contact Maryanne to get her approved since she is a minor.

I appreciate you asking questions, but perhaps you can keep it all in one thread to help keep our forums organized. Thanks!
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I'm not planning on being a permanant member here and just wanted to get the fax number for my daughter. Since I didn't plan on being a permanant member I didn't read the rules. After I get the fax number I will delete the user "PLEASE LISTEN" . The only reason I chose the name PLEASE LISTEN is because I wanted people to listen to me so I could get the fax number ASAP. When my daughter (her name is Julie) gets on this site she will be very happy. I thank anyone who helped me and am sorry for any trouble I have caused.

(I still haven't got the fax number yet.)
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I'm sorry, the fax number will not be available for a couple of days. Perhaps in the interim you can find another bulletin board that would be suitable for your daughter that has more children on it than this one.It is our experience that very young children don't adhere to the rules and end up leaving after a short time anyway.
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But Hissy. My daughter is different. She will stay on the site and she will follow the rules. She is quite mature and knows about boyfriends, spouses, etc. (As I can see some people talk about here.)And I allow her on this site.
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Our site's owner actually lives in Israel. She just had a baby a couple of days ago and is currently on maternity leave. She is the contact for COPPA membership, and to the best of my knowledge, the paperwork has always been mailed to her in the past.
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Im a guy, and I post here, so that makes at least one. Hopefully not the only one though.

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