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Please poor Charlie...

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As mentioned before, I adopted a cat who was diagnosed with some sort of mouth infection a few days before I took him home. The volunteer gave me the antibiotics from the vet and explained that a few other cats in the kennel got the infection because of sharing bowls.

After the 3 days I have been medicating the cat, I can say that he looks so much better. He was drooling and there was a gooey, brown discharge around the line of his mouth. The drooling stopped and the discharge turned black and sort of flaked off. He also is now grooming himself again and smells so much better (he smelled like a dirty, smelly dog before).

He of course has his first vet visit on Tuesday, but I was wondering if anyone has experience with anything like much are antibiotics usually? Is it potentiall something serious? The volunteer told me it was a "simple, easy to treat infection", but I know those agencies really want to get the homeless cats off their hands. I am willing to have him cared for, no matter what the cause of this was of course. I was just wondering if anyone knew anything about it.

Thanks in advance!

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More than likely the cat had whats called Calici virus. Along with the sores in the mouth, they can have sneezing as well as runny eyes. Antibiotics aren't generally too expensive and there shouldn't be any more complications from the infection. Some cats who are exposed to a virus like this or who have had it in the past can sometimes remain carriers, and possibly show signs of the virus when stressed or if thier immune system is supressed.
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I found out that Charlie may have been exposed to a Calici virus or stomatitis. The agency may have lied about his diagnosis because they didn't take him to the vet to check out his mouth infection. I think his foster mother may have given me medication that she just had laying around.

Charlie is going to my vet on Tuesday...I already have another cat but he has been quarantined this whole time. If he has stomatitis or a clinici virus, do I have to give him back because he can't live with my other cat?

I am so pissed off at the agency and I am so upset about my seemingly wonderful cat...

...please help.
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Oh poor Charlie I believe those conditions are treatable. I'm sure the agency didnt want to tell you because then they'd think he wouldnt get adopted. Shame on them. Talk more about it with your vet though, I am sure they will tell you everything you need to know.
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Well until you have a firm diagnosis, I wouldn't do anything and try not to worry. If your other cat has been segregated from Charlie, and you haven't even allowed them to make contact, then you are ahead of the game. I would wait until the vet runs the tests and can tell you if Charlie is indeed sick- and go from there.
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Thats sad sometimes people don't say whats wrong with the pet because then you might not want to adopt that animal.
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Stomatitus by itself is not contagious. I've had 2 cats with it and it does not spread - even with sharing food bowls. What could be an issue with it is the opportunistic infections that can come along because their immune system can be weakened by the condition.

I foster and know that any medications are strictly noted and controlled for each animal. If this is a good agency, they know that if they place an animal that isn't healthy or doesn't work out, they simply get it back again. I would hope that they are not lying to you to get this baby placed.
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I'm sorry to hear about your cat's problem. I hope it gets figured out soon. I got antibiotic salve for Hallie's eyes last week and it was about $20. I can't imagine it will be much for oral antibiotics. If that's what he needs.
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It's strange because Charlie doesn't have sores in his mouth or watery sneezing either. He just has this gooey brown stuff that is staining the fur around his mouth. It hardens, falls off and then comes back.

I am just so frustrated because I have quickly fell in love with this cat. But if there is a chance that he will infect my other cat, I don't think I should keep him...
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I think you are hitting the New Thread button instead of Post Reply button..

Please dont give up on this cat. People have just told you that it will not spread to your other cat. Just wait until you talk to the vet at least.
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First off, you are right. I have been hitting the wrong button.

And secondly, I know I should wait until I go to the vet to see what the severity of this is. It's just that I know he caught it from other cats in the adoption I am assuming he can spread it.

I'll be patient and wait for the vet to give me the results.
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...looking at his health records, I see that he got his distempter in late Oct. So that includes a vaccine against the calici virus. I know it is 100% successful, but I think there is little chance that he has that.

I guess it is probably stomatitis. Very similiar to gingavitis...we'll see what happens.

Thanks so listening all.

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I found this link. maybe it can help you until you talk to your vet.
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Thank you so much for the link...for some reason it is difficult to find goos sources about stomatitis on the internet. I really appreciate it.

I talked to Charlie's foster mother and she said that she did not take him for his fina appointment. Another woman from her agency took a look at his mouth and said she thought it was stomatitis. She then told the foster mother to go to the vet and explain what the cat had and he gave her antibiotic. Now, there is an outbreak of a calici virus where I adopted him. The foster mother assured me that he was vaccinated against this....

I can't wait to get this little baby to the vet...
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I cant wait to hear what the vet sais too.

Please post as soon as you come back!
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I merged your threads to keep the continuity. Please let us know what the vet says
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It does sound like stomatitis. We see it at the shelter fairly often; seems to hit the older cats harder. If your vet confirms it is, ask about an oral rinse - I don't recall the name of it, but it does seem to help prevent recurring infections and relieve some of the discomfort.

Good luck!

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I called Charlie's foster mother and she admitted to lying about his last vet appointment. There simply wasn't one. I left her a very friendly message stating that I didn't have all of his records because I don't have a receipt for his perscription.

She called back and apologized for misleading me. She said it just seemed like it was stomatitis and she asked the vet for meds when she was passing by one day. I said that if I want to go to their vet, who is very good, they will pay for his visit and check up. So I cancelled the app. with my vet and set an app. with their vet at 8:30 tomorrow morning.

Petsmart is also going to reimburse me for the fee that I paid ($100) for the cat, since I got it at a adoption fair at Petsmart.

So, I will let you all know around noon tomorrow how it goes. Thank you all so much for your information and patience. I am a worry wort and I treat me pets like my kids (even by hamster)...

Talk to you all tomorrow.

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Wow!! Nice work!
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Hey all, I just got home from the vet.

Turns out that he does have stomatitis and he was probably caused by a clanicivirus. Just like all of you smarties said.

So he is on meds for another week and I can introduce him to my other cat in 10 days. I can't wait to do that because they already bat at each others paws under the door.

I wanted to thank you all again for dealing with my overwhelming reaction to this sickness. The thought of losing this cat tore me apart. He was so sad and depressed in his cage at PetSmart and I can tell me loves living with us here...I would have hated myself for bringing him back. I am so happy that he is healthy.

The vet said it would be likely that I ever see him get sick with this 10 more days and it should be out of my life.

Thanks everyone!!! Love you all!!
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I am so happy to hear this. I am so glad it can be easily taken care of!! Charlie has found a good home
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I have been reading this thread and I am happy to hear the good news
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What happy news and thanks for being such a great kitty mom
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