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I've got another kitty in the house

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Last week a lady I know told me about a woman she knew that was going to have to find her cat a home and wondered if I knew anyone that would take her.I asked her why the woman needed to get rid of her and she said she was going into an assisted living home and was afraid she would have to have her cat PTS if she couldn't find her a home.I told her to give me the woman's number.
So I call the woman as soon as I got home to tell her that I would work on finding her cat a home.She was so happy to hear this.The cat is white,one blue eye one green eye,spayed,front declawed,and is 12 years old.She was so worried that she was going to have to put her down because she hasn't had any luck in finding her a home(we have no shelter here for her to take her to either).
I found a girl to take her the other day and we planned on getting the cat today.I couldn't get ahold of the girl taking her(I don't know if something is going on in her life now or what,but she wasn't at a school thing we had yesterday that she said she would be at,so I don't know)
Anyway,I go to pick up the cat today.The woman told me the cat wouldn't even let her hold her today.I told her that she sensed something wasn't right.As she was giving me her stuff she just started bawling.I just stood there and cried with her. I feel sooooooo bad for this woman.
I got the cat home and she is very upset.She growls when I come near her and she slaps me when I pet her even though she is rubbing on me.
She even bit me once cause she was rubbing on me and SHE was still touching ME,but she thought I was touching her and she turned around and slapped,hissed,and bit me.The woman did tell me that she wasn't a lap cat and had a little attitude,but I don't know if she was this bad before.Probably not quite this bad though,I would guess.
I haven't even tried to touch her anymore for a while.I just go in the room she is in and sit and talk to her.When she rubs on me I just sit there.I feel sorry for this poor kitty too.She has lived in the same house with the same woman for 12 years.
The girl that is supposed to take her has 2 kids so I don't know how she will do in this situation.She said if the cat stressed out too bad because of the kids then we would try to find someone without kids around all the time to take her.

I am just so upset over this whole situation.Everytime I look at this kitty I just want to cry.It's so sad that this woman had to give her up.I think that with these assisted living homes that if the person is able to care for the animal themselves,then they ought to be able to have one small animal.
This has just not been such a good day.It's been rainy and crappy here for 2 days,I've been such a mess over this cat today and it's my birthday to beat all.
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Oh dear! Please don't feel bad. The kitty is lucky you found her or else she would have been killed.
Based on your story, this cat doesn't seem the type to live in a house with children. If I were you I would find another home for her similar to the one she came from. It will still be very hard to adjust (all cats get stressed when there's a change in their lives) so you will have to look for someone who is very patient with a lot of understanding about cats.
I don't know what else to add. But please don't get depressed. Things will turn out well.
By the way, happy birthday! Sending you good luck vibes!
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First I want to wish you a Happy Birthday

2nd I want to tell you that I am so sorry you had a bad day today . I think I would have cry too , that is a sad story . And you are right , they should allow people to take the small animals with them . I know in germany they have some places where you can take even your dog with you , but it is more of a dollar question .
The cat you got will be for a while very absad , she also will go trhough some grieving progress . The poor baby don't even understand what is going on . All you can do now is having patiance with the cat . Maybe it would not be a good idea to bring this cat right away to that woman with the 2 kids . If you can , let her settle first for a while in your place and then you can see if this woman with the 2 kids is the right home for her . I hope everything will work out for you and the cat
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I'm so sorry you're having such a bad day. But it's so good you are trying to help this woman out.
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Awww that is sad. Many assisted living homes around here do allow small pets now. The cat sounds just like Carmella was when I first brought her home. I hope you can get her a home quickly so she can settle down and not be so stressed.
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It sounds like its not such a happy birthday for you! Being so sad about the kitty and all. at least this woman had sense to ask about finding her cat another home, instead of bringing her to a shelter. I hope you can find another good person to take her in. :angel2:
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This kitty hasn't eaten since I've had her and I gave her the canned stuff her mommy sent with her.

BTW.The lady just called me to check on the kitty.
She told me to not touch her tail.I told her I had already found that out the hard way. (ya know how you pet a cat down the back and then go onto the tail??Well,she does NOT like this.)
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Well,the kitty,Suzy,is doing a little bit better.She doesn't growl at me everytime I get near her anymore.She finally ate something.
She actually is wanting out of the bedroom now,but I'm afraid to let her out.Every time she hears or sees another one of my cats,she hisses and growls.Plus I have a few that I'm afraid will try to jump on her.I've got a lot of work ahead of me if I end up keeping her here.
What have I gotten myself into now??LOL.
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